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  1. Not sure how many people will consider reading this, or even replying. So I'm just going to post this for the sake of writing it.

    I became familiar with the Jung Profile assessment about a year ago. For those unaware, the Jung Profile is basically a test that determines which on of the 16 personality types you have.

    Well.....i took the test again 2 days ago, and got INFJ instead of INFP. So this tells me 1 of 2 things. I cannot be honest with myself. Or taking the test online really shouldn't be tried. I've read that its best to do this with an administrator to validate answers. Which is understandable.

    Basically, I'm a little lost at which system I'm built for. I can see INFJ really well. And I can see INFP really well too. I'm pretty sure you can't have both, so this bring a "?" to mind.

    Just trying to find out more about myself via means i normally wouldn't take, and I have come at a dead end. Not entirely sure how to continue right now.

    Maybe I'll talk to an Admin in the future and try and get it done properly.


    I can see a past me in all this.

    I can see a future me in all this.

    I cannot see a present me in all this.

    I wonder why.....

    Perhaps my dreams are not in the right place?

    Or maybe I'm just dreaming too much....

    Just floating in a sea called life?

    What does this sea contain?


    Or possibility?


    I wonder if this is what Pluto felt like...
  2. There was just a huge thread on this a couple days ago
  3. Not the point of this thread.

    Read it again.
  4. Doesn't seem like this thread has much of a point at all, you're just talking to yourself lol

  5. I did read it.

    I don't see much of a point to it, TBH.

    It seems much more like a diary entry than a thread that people can participate on.
  6. I was going to write my own post, but..

    This ^
  7. here's a tip: try to understand yourself more outside of taking online tests. hanging out with people is a great way to understand yourself more.
  8. I can only get so much from hanging out with people.

    So why reply? Why not just observe?

  9. This is a discussion forum. Not Xanga. Not Twitter. Not an observation forum. Not your own personal diary.

    At least give the thread a point.
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    I'm confused as to what your question is pertaining to?
    The personality test is based on a theory, as it was about 3 (4?) people who created this test. Is it accurate? Most of the time, but we are people and we aren't always going to fit into these categories. It's mostly something that you can take, and then delve into further self analysis.

    If you do a lot of self reflection, this assessment is interesting and more of a "starting point".

    P.S: Both of your results indicate your "feeling" resides over "thinking". This basically means you are more of an emotional person and that your decisions/choices are based on how you're feeling in that current moment; this could also have an effect on which result you get (how you choose to answer the question).
  11. Because what you posted implied your thread had a point, I had a different opinion and cared to share it, as is the proper way of things on an internet discussion board.

    Threads won't last long either if everyone decides to "observe".
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    This was more of a mental update for those who might care. Most of the threads I make are not those of discussing.

    Just updates of how my mentality is going. They don't merit response. If people cannot understand, they need simply let me know and ask me for a simplification.

    I don't make these for people to talk about how my mind is currently.

    So long as people can understand slightly, or atleast ask if they do not. I will be happy. Even if it receives no replies.

    Was this intended to be a discussion thread?

    Or simply the ravings of a forum member spewing his innards onto a plate for all to see, and possibly savor?

    I am Fire king. My castle is molten rock and slowly falling to shambles.

    My flames shall entangle you in a fiery confusion so intense, so life altering, you too shall become molten.

    What with the passing of decades, I have learned how to harness flame with my palm. None stand before me.

    I an conqueror of this world.

    Which world am I conqueror of?


    I rant and rave, disembowel and replenish.

    Whats not to enjoy about the resurrection?



    What have you to fear though?

    I am a single man, and my power cannot be controlled, yet i am powerless.

    So powerless as to not even get a simple point across without people realizing it.

    My kingdom is my realm.

    A realm for only I.

    Enter if you dare.

    Be prepared how ever, I do not tend lightly to those unable to comprehend such madness.

    Or is madness what i am free from?
    I also write poetry to help express my current feelings. I think it's kind of a theme i have going. Haven't done it in awhile, yes. But i used to write constantly, then stopped. I'm picking it up again. I like this.

  13. Then why don't you just make a blog....

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    What is a blog?

    What is a discussion?

    What is talking?

    What is communication?



    Last time i checked, there was no location in the User panel for blogs or notes to be posted.

    So unless one is created, this forum will have to deal.

    Is it my fault there isn't a blog option in the control panel?


    Don't blame me for posting thoughts.

    People do it all the time without prejudice. Why attack me?

    Cause i do not require response is why.

    And because people don't understand it.

    People fear what they do not understand.
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    Yeah you should get help with that.
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    I don't need help.

    Trust me.

    Wazz up???

    You're not a blood you where red because you work at target.

    Just listen.

  17. This test is really kinda pointless the questions are too restrictive. All the answers i had to those questions are worth a page or more of explanation. Here's my result

    Introvert(78%) iNtuitive(38%) iNtuitive Thinking(38%) Judging(56%)

    You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (78%)
    You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (38%)
    You have moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling (38%)
    You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (56%)

  18. If you can't find the obvious place where you can post a blog on your User CP you need help.
  19. I don't need help. I just did a thorough search.


    O well.

    I'll still post this shit in thread format.

    Don't like it, don't reply.
  20. .....this is odd to say the least

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