The Joys of Marijuana

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  1. I was raised to be a devout Catholic, but a few years ago in adolescence I strayed, finding a new meaning to life as I know it and what I believe it held for me. I converted to Hellenic Paganism (Worship of the Greek Deities) and found that I was much more comfortable with this.

    Around this time I also discovered and entirely new gateway into happiness, Marijuana.

    When I found this lovely Goddess given plant, I realized how happy I could be living off of nature and that, in fact, the best things in life are free.

    With my new religion and my new (now older) exposure to the blessed plant, I have been happier and found purpose in my life.

    This year, I am finally trying my hand in growing, which also gives me the feel of a deeper connection to the earth and really and truly makes me happy.

    I start this because I would like for everyone to share the joy that Marijuana has brought into your life. Peace and Love man, Peace and Love.
  2. Grats on your religious progress. I don't think I've heard of a pedophile Hellenic Pagan, or of any Hellenic Pagan suicide bombers. Definitely an improvement.

    I'm glad you're a happier person; we need more non-violent, reasonable, happy people on this planet, too many of us are a sad bunch. I don't think we can be truly happy until our world stops putting people in prison for what makes them happy at the expense of no one else's happiness. Peace right back at you:smoke:
  3. Thank you :) And the reason that you have never heard of them being in ill-repute is because the level of practitioners is so low. Anyway. do you have any experience do share in terms of joy relation to Cannibis?
  4. you mention of being closer to nature is something i believe in as well

    i do not believe in a 'god" or worship under any religion

    i belive nature is the only mysterious force that drives our existance.

    and because weed is so natural it kinda fits ... get it??

  5. The best things in life really are free. And I really wish marijuana was free, especially right now being completely dry and broke lol.
  6. Marijuana is free if you grow it. I believe that it was intended to be free, by growing, but in this society, thats hard to do.
  7. Well it wasn't 'intended' to be free, Cannabis predates the existence of intentions. I agree with you that it should be free, as should all food.
  8. i do love weed

    i find that if its used duing meditation & part of a healthy lifestyle its an incredible plant
    i can see why the rastas worship it
    i guess i do aswell in a way

    too much of any thing is bad tho

  9. Balance.
  10. Yes, balance is essential for sure

    To the OP, weed is beautiful my brother :smoke: absolutely beautiful

    I Haven't smoked it in months myself, but i'm almost done my tbreak and hopefully will be tokin more than ever
  11. Good luck with your journey's i hope your peace and love rubs off onto your future harvests :wave:
  12. Indeed Marijuana is peace. Often times it helps me to be in touch with my impact on the world and the impact I have on my own body.

    Alot of people clam to get the munchies when they're high and I thought I would gain weight after two months of mary J usage but I haven't. In fact I've lost like 8 pounds. I exercise regularly and I have good nutrition.

    Life and everything it brings is an arduous task alone. Life seems tolerable when your elevated... :bongin:

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