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the joys of job hunting

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LurkMode7.62, Aug 6, 2011.

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    So I've been doing the job hunt thing, and I'm hoping for clarification.
    I'm not using, and I'm not worried about passing the initial screening, since I haven't sat on my friend's couch and breathed deep for about two months, and I'm still polishing my resume; by the time I get done I should be clear on hair, provided my lard layer doesn't screw with me too bad (ever since the knee went in 2003 I've been turning into a fatass:devious:).
    From what I've seen and read here, and by going over the laws in the states, none of the states offer patient protection. This is bad since my type of work tends to test often.
    here in NC the bill we've been trying to pass specifically states:
    Unfortunately, with the amount of money timber and cotton put into the system here in NC, it's unlikely we'll ever get the bill out of the house rules committee, especially since that pair of horse's asses, Representative Stephen A. LaRoque and Representative Tim Moore, are firmly opposed to the bill and are both on/chair the house rules committee. The counties served by LaRoque are really big cotton and tree farming counties.

    RI's law says that you can't be discriminated against based on the card, not the blood metabolites. I know from my divorce that lawyers love that kinda slip in verbiage.
    So I either have to suck it up and live in pain, or try to get a Marinol Rx from my recommending doctor in the state I go to, right?
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  3. California is also passing Senate Bill 129 that will protect MMJ patients from being terminated at work for being a medical patient. The good news is its passing so far, bad news is it still has to go through another voting that I believe is schedule for Janurary 2012.
  4. I believe the bill in NY includes protection from landlords and employers. But until it passes... Its a federal thing I guess.

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