The joys of college...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nugrugger_09, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Oh man, I love being in college. Me and my roomate were just chillin' in our dorm, him playing NFS: underground 2, me playin online poker and jammin' to my iTunes. We're both dry for now, and not really expecting to get lit tonight. Anyways a friend of ours stops by and asks if we'd like to burn a few bowls of 'dro. 30 minutes, and 3 bowls later I'm back to say i'm really fucked up. yeah man, I love college. Axe 'Em Jacks.
  2. for sure man where u play poker at
  3. my name is - axe em jacks
  4. iornically i just reead a news article on the dangers of college...\
    but sounds like you is doin it right

  5. Heh, I've never heard of college being called dangerous, but hey, whatever sells papers. You should hook us up with a link to that article.
  6. Sounds good. I wish I had time to burn a bowl or two. I hate work.
  7. dude i fucking love college, i dont know what i was thinking about joining the army after hs, i had to quit smoking and i missed out on so much great shit my friends were doing. this semester is my 2nd the good part im 21 so i can drink whenever and wherever the fuck i want, smoke whatever the fuck i want, not have to take out loans and still have a shitload of money

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