The joys of bong hits + pet rats.

Discussion in 'General' started by Kiiara, May 10, 2010.

  1. There's nothing I love more than a quick sesh with my beaker water pipe and a few hours of my rats roaming outside of their cage. Here's some pics of this morning. Any fellow rat / rodent owners out there?

    He's learned to play dead if he wants you to rub his belly ^

    I'll leave you with this..


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    i had a pet mouse with bigger balls than your rat.

    edit - they dragged along behind him when he waddled somewhere.
  3. haha i thought this was going to be a thread about getting your rats high
  4. lol little sisters rat just died

    and ya....... a girl owning a rodent = crazy. :p
  5. Aw. Poor guy. Surely they were heavy or something?? Shouldve looked into a ball reduction.;)
  6. OP, sweet pics!

  7. ive got two rats, but no matter how much we handle them they just dont really have that pet rat personality...
    ive had other rats, mice, hamsters,
  8. I used to have a gerbil kinda the same thing my brother stole it from pet co. so we kept it lol. We used to get that little bugger high as a kite she actually was named Mary Jane until my friends cat ***** Johnson ate her. :( R.I.P Mary Jane you will be missed
  9. My sister used to have a pet rat, that thing was smarter than my dog. :laughing:

    It would climb up onto your shoulder and sit there like some sort of pied piper pirate parrot or something else with alliteration.
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    i wouldn't own one, but cool pics nonetheless.

    Maybe if they didn't have that tail. *shivers*

  11. this human ear is really freaking me out

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