The Journey Is The Destination

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by cherokee91red, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. So, sadly I have had to chop the sour diesel about a week earlier than I would like. The reason behind this is due to the monstrous growth of my newest plant, the White Rhino. She just can't be contained in the tiny veg box any longer. However, after chopping I am extremely pleased. I was hoping in the end to get just 1 or 2 oz off this plant. I know that the dry weight is less than the wet weight. However, the wet weight of the buds off this girl is 13.4oz! Even losing 75% weight, that still puts me over 3 oz dry, terribly happy. Going to hang in the veg cabinet for several days.
    I have also decided to end this thread and start another, in Indoor Growing. Figured a 600W hps wasn;t quite a micro grow any more. You can continue to follow the White Rhino's progress here if you'd like. Thanks for following.

  2. Just read through this whole thread, bravo to you!  That's a great harvest for such a troubled plant with the root rot and all.  The flowers look much nicer with all dead leaves clipped.  Can't wait to see how your rhino grows.
    Thanks man, it was definitely a learning process. I think, only 10 months after I started :confused_2: , that I got a handle on how to take care of these things.
  4. After a week of drying, came out to 76g total, plus a few grams I've "tested" this week.
    Thanks, I think you'll do pretty good with that setup you have going on. The Sour Diesel is a great, 'UP' kinda high. Smells awesome a citrusy too. But I'm anxious for the Rhino to finish so I can get a little variety in my life.

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