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  1. So finally started looking at TDS meters tonight, I'm just realizing how much I'm flying blind on my grows with nutes. I ended up buying this one off amazon for $56 bucks shipped. I read a lot of threads on them and I know they say get the good one, it'll last you, but I just couldn't stand to drop $150+ for a meter. I'll ride out this one, all 5-star reviews on amazon, and see how it does for awhile.
    \tHM Waterproof EC/TDS/Temp Combo Meter
  2. Added 1/5 nutes again today. I'm seeing from yesterday to today quite a bit of new root growth. Lots of new strands that were not there before and are white to clear in color. The overall issue up top hasn't seemed to stop but I'm hoping the new root growth is a sign of good things to come.
  3. The recovery is on! New root growth is phenomenal and the plant up top has begun to recover. No new yellowing and what leaves that were yellowing have regained some green pigment beginning in the middle of the leaf. Buds are still growing and getting new pistils pretty consistently. Not sure if its slow or not for this strain but I can imagine the root issues caused some delay. I've come to the conclusion that I was not flushing my reservoir often enough to prevent root issues. 2 flushes and the h2o2 might have contributed, not sure but I know that in the future I will be flushing the res water every 7-10 days.
    Also noticed the upper bud leaves are yellowing, its consistent with the leaves at the top of the buds and only the 3 closest to the light. I'm thinking they have stretched a little to close to the light and are starting to bleach a little. Undid some of the ties and re-tied the plant to bring it down a little lower. In the first photo, the buds at the back right, back left and center middle were the tallest and the 3 which were showing the yellowing. You can see the thermometer probe on the right, those 3 were all right at that level. The last plant picture, those tops are now located a few inches below the probe, just below the dotted sharpee line I'm using as my height limit reference.
    DSCN6655.JPG DSCN6656.JPG DSCN6657.JPG
    DSCN6659.JPG DSCN6660.JPG
    DSCN6661.JPG DSCN6662.JPG
  4. Little guy is coming along well too.
    DSCN6653.JPG DSCN6654.JPG
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    Flushing the diesel again tonight, hopefully this will be the end of her root problems. Here are some photos with the HPS off.
    EDIT: Added 1/2 strength nutes tonight with the flush.

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  6. i have said more than once to starting stoners that stoners dont know how far things are by distance but by how many conversations they will have before they get there.
  7. i am sorry this is the wrong thread for that
  8. 7 1/2 weeks into flowering and things are looking up. Except for the fact that I just checked the website and Royal Queen says the flowering time on this strain is 12 weeks! Ugh. Roots are growing back looking super healthy, the plant overall looks much greener and it seems to have accelerated the bud production in the few days since the good roots have started to show up.
    Some photos.

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  9. The little auto is growing nicely, nodes are looking real tight.

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  10. Damn dude that is crazy that it shot up that fast, I cant believe it. Looking good on bud production, look at it this way with the buds how they are now and giving them a month and a week shit your gonna yeild a lot of bud. PLEASE do me and anyone else that might check up on your grow a favor... When you harvest give us a Wet and dry weight. Keep it up lookin good :)
  11. Thanks man. For sure, I'll have to buy a scale before I harvest.
  12. Iced both res's tonight, spotted a little browning on the auto's roots so want to make sure to nip that in the bud now. The auto's res was changed out 7 days ago and the diesel's was changed out 4 days ago. I'm going to flush them both out this weekend to get them on the same schedule, help keep me from forgetting which one was changed when.
  13. Good idea that's how I would do it. :)
  14. Don't forget to update with plenty of pics
  15. PPM meter came yesterday so checked it last night and tonight and both res's dropped only less than 20ppm. Will keep track of it. Big plants PPM is 1050, auto skunk is at 295. I use distilled water. Lights off for photos this time.
    DSCN6683.JPG DSCN6684.JPG DSCN6685.JPG
    DSCN6686.JPG DSCN6687.JPG
    DSCN6688.JPG DSCN6689.JPG DSCN6690.JPG
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    Cut back your nutes looks like nute burn. Your leaves aren't looking too good either. Other than that your doing good.
    If you look back on this thread you'll see all the problems I was having with it earlier. Those are all old leaves that were pretty messed up. I'm keeping an eye on the new growth for new problems.
  18. Flushed both reservoirs tonight. Left the Diesel with plain water, just for a day to help rinse off anything that might still be hanging out in the roots. PPM's are at 20 currently. Roots look pretty OK though so pleased. No real advancement in bud production.
    DSCN6695.JPG DSCN6696.JPG
    DSCN6697.JPG DSCN6698.JPG DSCN6699.JPG
    The auto I went ahead and put on 1/3 nutes of botanicare progrow which put her at 330 ppm. Her roots are looking good and growth is coming along well.
    DSCN6691.JPG DSCN6692.JPG
    DSCN6693.JPG   DSCN6694.JPG
  19. If you look at my last post, at the zoomed in photo of the bud with the fan in the background you can see some spotting, looks like Potassium deficiency I think? Added in nutes after several hours of plain water at about 1/2 strength which put my PPM at 815. My res is 5 gallons but I've only been filling it with about 3-3.5 gallons to allow some better airflow to the upper roots.
    -15mL of calmag
    -30ml of bloom
    -9mL of P-K
    -0.5 mL of Floralicious
    Here's a couple photos from this morning, the spotting seems to have accelerated some.
    DSCN6700.JPG DSCN6701.JPG
  20. So the plant's condition has gotten worse, and I just have no idea. PH is good, has a gradual rise over about 2 days from 5.5-6 and then I down it back to 5.5. Nutes are good, PPMs last night were 830. I diluted some this morning to 660 and saw a rise to 672 15 hours later. Temps are good, 71-85F. The only thing I can think of is I need more airstones to create more bubbles because the roots aren't quite rotting but my first plant failed because of many things, but I believe poor roots. And this plant had severe root issues awhile back. But on the other hand, since I started with the weekly res changes the roots have started to look much improved, so I don't know which direction to even look at. Anyway, here are some pics, input is appreciated on the condition/problem/solution.... DSCN6720.JPG DSCN6721.JPG DSCN6722.JPG
    DSCN6725.JPG DSCN6726.JPG

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