The Journey -- a poem by cottons :)

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  1. The Journey

    I'm walking through rough waters.
    There are many arms trying to pull me away.
    They fight to drag me from my chosen path,
    But yet I persevere, and continue down the river.
    The waters grow more and more turbulent.
    The arms, much stronger than before.
    The temptation to turn away is growing.
    My will, struggling to proceed.
    In my mind I doubt my ability to go on.
    Fatigue is racing through my veins,
    But yet I continue on my way.
    Finally, my journey is complete.
    My falls... many.
    But the reward for perseverance is great.
    I look back, and see my journey was not in vain.
    I see that through the turbulence I grew stronger.
    The struggle not only tested me.
    It grew me into who I am.
    I look back with great respect.
    Respect for the journey.
    Regretting nothing.
  2. Another Day

    i look around at emptiness
    everything that was is now gone
    people coming and going like the wind
    all are playing the pawn

    my world as i know it has been taken away
    my life -- permenantly changed
    i don't understand what goes on anymore
    my views have been rearranged

    i look at those who have gone before
    leaders who have turned the other way
    following the crowd and bringing others along
    by how they act -- and what they say

    i see them trapped -- entangled within the thorns
    bound by the weight of their chains
    they press deeper into their worldly prison
    trying to escape their tribulation pains

    they're entangled within a web of lies
    refusing to turn away
    when offered a chance to break through their chains
    they respond -- maybe another day
  3. Stones

    Everywhere I look stones are falling
    Crumbling like sandcastles beneath the tides
    These stones which once stood atop high mountains
    Have been worn away by the winds of time

    Everywhere I look stones are falling
    Shaken from their foundations on high
    They've lost their footing and have taken the fall
    Bidding those left standing -- goodbye

    Everywhere I look stones have fallen
    Their faces so tired -- so sad
    As they continue their roll down the mountainside
    falling farther from the life they once had
  4. Pressing On

    The sky is burning
    Falling to the ground
    My mind is cracking
    Not making a sound
    My heart is pounding
    Ready to explode
    I'm falling apart
    And I do not know
    How to rid myself
    Of this beast inside
    That's clentching my soul
    And making me cry
    The pain is racing
    It's taking control
    It's wearing me down
    It's taking its toll
    I don't know why
    I keep pressing on --
    Why throughout this war
    I keep going strong
    But I know for sure
    Things will be OK
    I'll keep pressing on
    For all of my days
  5. i like what i have some very nice images working...especially in the last one...thanks for sharing...

  6. Thanks for sharing Cotton! I thought they were really good, especially the second one!
  7. thank you. those are some of my favorites... i've got a lot more... but they're kinda iffish... mainly stuff from when i was like 14 and still new at writing. i don't write as much now so newer (better) stuff doesn't get made as much :( damn writer's block. oh well, hope everyone enjoys the poems :)
  8. Writers block can be a bitch!! Don't worry though man, you'll be over it and writing again in no time. :)
  9. lol. i've got what i'm thinking is almost permenant writer's block. it's been going on for like 2 years now... every now and then i'll come up with something... but it's just dying. i feel like i have no more inspiration left. ahhh... oh well. i just probably ran out of ideas, :)
  10. Yup, but then when ya least expect it, something will just jump right out of ya!! Keep the faith man...
  11. Write when your stoned
  12. i would... but i like to use a lot of metaphores when i write. stones and the journey are both conceits (the whole poem's a giant metaphore for something else). this would be too hard for me to do baked because my mind goes in a million different directions when i'm high, and i can't keep focused on 1 thought or idea long enough to write a decent poem.
  13. *Bump*

    I want some opinions from some of the newer blades... These are mad old, so ya'll probably never seen 'em here before. Lemme know what ya think. Good or bad - won't bother me.
  14. i like em man.........
  15. Thanks... I didn't know you were in to poetry... You write at all?
  16. naa maybe after i smoked a boel or 2
  17. funny, i love writing poetry but never reading it..
    i'll read that when i get the chance..

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