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The joints that died for me!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. This thread is to honor the joints, pipes, and bongs of marijuanna that have given their life for me..

    Heres another joint in ya'lls honor!!!!!!
  2. Oh, Honerable Joints, Pipes and's to you!
  3. I'm sending this to Willie.

    For all the plants that died for me..

    I will smoke'em till I cannot see.

    It willbe the best, for me and all the rest..

    It's the way it has to be..

    To the tune of "to all the girls I've known before" LOL
  4. I have been smoking and in to tequila again..

    I am trying to decied weather to eat the worm or not

    I tried to call willie. His answering machine says he is not home.. Just my luck..
  5. to all you joints, bongloads, bowls, etc. i have smoked throughout the years... here come a bunch more to visit you in used-drugs heaven <3 :D
  6. Hahaha! i second that Gphish! they'll never lack for company in used drug heaven. new friends every day :)

  7. He's down at H&R Block getting his taxes straightened out. Didn't you see the commercial during the Super Bowl? :D
  8. weeee
    smoke a bowla

  9. Yea I seen that commercial. I thought it was funny!
  10. Here's to all those blunts and bowls...and many more to come!
  11. Their deaths.... were not in vain.

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