the joint on my toro is too thick for a keck clip?

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  1. So my buddy broke my diffuser the other day, so I decided to go and buy a keck clip to product my new roor diffy. But I feel like the clip is doing next to nothing because my joint is too thick and it doesn't really get a hold of the diffy.

    Check these pics out and tell me what you think. I have never had a keck clip before so I have no idea how they are supposed to fit. I called back the headshop and they assured me it was a 18.8 mm clip

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    You can get a caliper from a local harbor freight for about $10. That will let you measure the outer diameter of your tubes to see what clip you need.

    Or, you could always ask the shop if you can bring your clean piece in to see if they think it looks right. If they are ok with it, make sure its really clean.

    I'm not sure if its right looking at the pics, but does it function correctly? Try pulling your slide out and see if the clip holds it in place. If it works, then its fine.
  3. I'm fairly certain they make them in different sizes and you got one that is too small. Take it back and see if they can't exchange it for you, maybe take the diffy with you when you go to get it for help sizing.

  4. They do, there are several sizes on ebay for fairly cheap. That's why I'd recommend a caliper, so you know exactly what size you need.
  5. Well my joint size is 18.8mm and they make them for that size. According to the headshop I got the right one, the keck clip for a 18.8 mm joint size..

    Idk whats up with it, it kind of holds it in but I was still able to pull the diffy out too easily i feel like. The tips of the clip are the only part even holding it in at all bc they are all that really touch
  6. You need the outer diameter of the joint... not the inner.

    I think typical 18mm keck clips are 19/22 or something like that... you may need something larger... if they are made.

  7. Correct, this is why you can't be told what size keck clip you need over the phone unless they know your specific bong and they can somehow look up what the outer diameter of those tubes are.

    With a caliper, you'll know the exact OD of your tube and you'll know exactly what keck clip to order :)
  8. What size clip? I use a size 19 on 18mm joints. Sometimes you will just have a rare tube that it wont fit. Just push in firmly while you twist it a little and it will stay put(the downstem that is) until you replace it or find out the problem.
    IF you do what i said, by twisting it in, make sure BOTH the male and female piece are completly dry before you connect them.
  9. Same over here, The clips i use on my RooR and Lux and other tubes dont fit the Toro joint. Dont trip on it too much cuz i dont use it often. Would be nice to have a green one tho, keep it color coordinated.

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