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The Joe Rogan Podcast (Experience)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Praetorian, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Lol yeah goin off on the crowd
  2. Curious, why not, if you don't mind sharing?
  3. I did not catch it, but I do agree with the vast majority of his social commentary these days.

    He gets to say a lot of what he says because he is a comedian, but if he were a politician or a regular guy at a workplace, they'd crucify him for his views.
  4. Because sometimes you have to put things down. When it got to the point where I wasn't receiving any new information from the Psychedelic realm, I knew I had to stop in order to integrate all of the experiences I had. You can't just keep eating Acid after it loses its intrinsic meaning.
    "When you get the message, hang up the phone" - Alan Watts
  5. Watch the whole thing.
  6. Yes.
    That's where you move on to psilocybin, and never, ever look back wishing for more.
  7. I have to admit his new stuff wasn’t that good though I was really surprised
  8. I look for other comedians and they just don’t do it for me. It’s like looking for a brawler after Tyson.
  9. I listened to the Yves Edwards podcast yesterday. The whole controversy with Brendan Schaub really irritated me.

    If you don't know about it Brendan apparently made a comment about the all black cast at fox sports. He said, "We get it fox. You're not racist."

    Dumb comment but I guess that Yves views this as a personal attack on him. I don't see that myself. He's wanting some kind of apology. To me him viewing that as such is just being overly sensitive and attempting to call him out as a racist for no real reason.

    According to Yves, what Brendan meant by saying that is that he is only on the stage because of the color of his skin and not because he deserves to be there. You can't take a comment like Brendan's and read that kind of ridiculous conclusion from it unless you're being an obvious defenses a-hole. Brendan said nothing about Yves personally or his skill as a commentator. I'm sure in fact that Brendan thinks that he is an excellent commentator because he is.

    I understand exactly where Brendan is coming from being a white male growing up in today's society in America especially along the lower west coast. White people aren't exactly popular. I hope I don't have to apologize for saying that. Out and out in the open racist comments are tolerated on a regular basis against white people. We are really just expected to swallow them.

    I'm happy for anyone finding work in Hollywood but it's pretty obvious there's a big push to put minorities and women first as the face of many broadcasts. In this day and age I guess it's just viewed as the safe way to go. It should never be pointed out or made fun of by a white person though. That would be so out of political correctness it requires a public apology. That's just sad.

    I'm surprised that he made the comment but I don't see the big deal. Yves pretty much had an emotional whine fest on Rogan about it. Brendan said that Yves was emotional as well and to hear him trying to say that Brendan can't say that because he's not a psychologist was a little rich. He's obviously being a sensitive emotional #politically correct jerk about it. That doesn't take a psych evaluation to notice even after just this podcast.

    They went on to point out about how it should be illegal to fly a stars and bars flag. Rogan voiced his agreement.

    It's a little sad. That flag didn't mean racism in the modern era until a few years ago when people decided to make it so. Symbols only have the power you give them. In the modern era that flag meant Southern Pride. That is why is it on album covers. The bands didn't put it on there because they loved slavery. People need to grow up and quite condoning the over the top calling out of supposed "racists" for flying this flag. It's ridiculous.

    They want to remove it from one of the state flags? That's not being a little # politically correct police?

    I'll of course continue to tune in but this the whole race driven whine fest part of the show was a turn off. Oh well. I hope Brendan lives it down, I'm sure he will.
  10. Schaub wasn't being racist he just said a stupid thing.
    How people think he's funny i have no idea.
    Personally I think hesh only where he is because of joe Rogan and his exposure to the scene.
  11. I can see how he can rub people the wrong way but he does crack me up every once in a while. I also enjoy his commentary on combat sports. He's quite knowledgeable. Lately I enjoy tuning in to see his picks on youtube before fights.

    Of course he gets repetitive. Any podcaster does when they do multiple hour shows many times a week. If I had a dollar for every time Rogan says "super" I'd be a rich man.
  12. Yeah, I'm a big Joe Rogan fan but he does alot of things that piss me off. The way he talks about his opinion like it's fact. Or the way he'll think or learn about something and he projects it onto people like it's proven fact.
    If you listen to schaub he soujds like a carbon copy of Joe Rogan right down to his talking about his "writing".
    Both are very good about talking about certain things though like fight analysis.
  13. He seems pretty cautious when talking about things outside of his area of expertise unless he has researched it, and even then he is trepidatious.

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  14. I agree. I can think of quite a few guests that if Rogan had on would shut him down on a few topics where he frequently displays his ignorance. He still cracks me up. I take what he says with a grain of salt. You can get a lot of good info from the show if you can sort through the BS.

    Rogan is Schaub's inspiration. People are very opinionated about comics. Some people love one and people sitting right next to him hate the guy. In my opinion if you're selling out areas, doing shows weekly, and holding your own on stage, you're a comic. That's the only qualification. I've watch a few acts. I don't think I could do it. I can respect what he's achieved. Many people are jealous. He actually sells better then his co-host Brian Callen when he books comedy. For the amount of time he's been doing it which is about 2 years that's extremely impressive. He most likely will really polish his stage presence in the next few years. They say it takes about 10 years for most people to have a real pro comedy act.
  15. I love listening to eddies conspiracy theories
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  16. #156 Tbone Shuffle, Apr 18, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
    Joe Rogan needs to have Adam Curry on the show so bad and he doesn't even know it. This is one of the unsung heros of the modern world. Many others take credit but Adam invented podcasting. Grew up in the Netherlands... come on? He does the best Dutch American impressions I've ever seen.
    Adam Curry - Wikipedia

    I wish I had some kind of pull to give him a suggestion. This dude is interesting as fuck and has stories galore. His uncle was Ambassador to North Korea for many years. The lodge at Yosemite was named after his family.
  17. Been listening to JRE since I think like 600 something or other. I could be wrong and maybe this is just my perception but I think Joe most definitely engages in topics that range far outside of his area of expertise. Which is fine I don’t think people should be silent about a topic because they’re not an expert especially if they host a 3 hour podcast. But goddamn sometimes he says some pretty facepalmingly dumb shit. He’ll mention Seth Rich and then get maybe a tenth of the details right when he’s talking about it. It’s like why are you going to bring this up if you didn’t even take five minutes to read the fucking three articles about Seth Rich.

    Also when he talks about nutritional science or anti depressants. He has some decent advice not to eat as many carbs and more lean proteins, veggies, etc. But he makes a grave error. He says we now know for sure sugar was the problem and saturated fat is not the biggest issue. But in reality it’s much closer to we now know sugar is probably not great for you. But we still are more fuzzy on whether or not something like a ketogenic diet would be better than simply a low carb diet. We don’t really have the data to say conclusively and a big issue is that nutritional science is notoriously hard to study because it’s very hard to create controls. Can’t impose a diet on individuals (for logistical and moral reasons), people are very bad at self reporting, and it’s hard to control for other important confounding variables that relate to health.

    A big reason we figured out sugar was the bigger issue than fat was because we realized that self reporting was terrible and people had vastly undeserestimayed the amount of sugar they were actually eating. It’s very likely we’ll have another discovery in the next ten years that will contradict our current understanding because the science really is constantly changing in this field. He also flip flops constantly depending on who he’s talking to. Honestly liked when his show was a little less political and about SJW/identity politics so often.
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  18. It will be very difficult to find someone who is 100% objective and factual, 100% of the time.

    Rogan is on record countless times saying things like

    "Obviously, I'm not a scientist"
    "Obviously, I'm not very well educated"
    "Goes to show how much I know"

    He's very quick to point out how he is a modestly educated guy, who just ponders and talks to actual experts a lot on his podcast. (Harris, McKenna, Sheldrake, DeGrasse-Tyson, Nowitzky, Peterson, Patrick.... the list goes on).

    I don't agree with him on everything, and sometimes (rarely) I do wish he'd let the guest talk more, but I never felt that he claims omniscience or superiority.

    For a jacked up, hyper successful, 50yr old Cali black belt multimillionaire, I feel he keeps his ego and claim to knowledge in check fairly well.
    I'd say this is one of the main reasons his podcast is as successful as it has been for years now.
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