The Jeff Dunham Show

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  1. Anyone actually get around to watch this on Comedy Central?
    I checked out the first two episodes and I simply wasn't impressed.
    His original acts on dvd are pretty great the first couple of times but that's about it.
    How the heck he got his own show is beyond my understanding and I'm in serious doubt that it'll last more than one season.

    Don't get me wrong, there's some decently funny parts here and there but... all the "hype" is simply because he's the only comedian/puppeteer out there. Might as well give Steven Lynch his own show as well.

    But anyways what's the GC view on this? :)
  2. I watched the shows myself and i have to say they were funny but just not right for tv. The ventriloquist act is great when it comes to stand up comedy but when it comes to a tv show it just doesnt fit. I love his comedy specials and i always laugh my ass off especially when im baked but its not the right thing for what hes trying to do with this tv series.
  3. I've watched it, but I'm just not a fan of his work. Think it's way over rated. I'm impressed with the act, but his comic just isn't funny imo.
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    I tried to watch his show and didn't even crack a smile, or make it past 5 minutes..
    How did he get on tv? :laughing:
  5. Here i am thinking i am the only person that doesn't find jeff dunham funny.

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