The Israeli 2013 Elections Thread

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  1. At the end of the month Israelis will vote to elect a new government.

    As things stand in the latest polls the big movers are the right-wing Habayit Hayehudi party who look set to win 14 seats if the latest polls are anything to go by. This would make them the second largest party in the new Knesset.

    Looking like Netanyahu will be the leader of the next Israeli government yet again so not much change at all.

    Poll: Likud-Beiteinu losing more ground to Habayit Hayehudi Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

    Thoughts or opinions ?

    And can we please try to keep this thread from descending into the usual Israel/Palestine slagging fest. :(
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    If nothing is going to change, I guess it will be the status quo. Things as usual. They get attacked by terrorist Hamas, they respond, there's an international out roar, USA blindly supports them and their international violations. What a vicious cycle.

    I am not educated on their major parties and what they stand for but I'm more than happy to research them when I get home, riding the train right now.

    Any party that works towards peace and progress is one I support.

    So, what are domestic issues facing them? What parties believe in the best way of facing them, what do they plan to do?

  3. The only political party talking about peace is Meretz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and they are not expected to win but more than a couple of seats. At present they hold 3 seats.

    Meretz unveils four-point diploma... JPost - Diplomacy & Politics

    Interesting interview with the leftist Israeli Avnery below.
    One of Israel's great leftist warriors wants peace with Hamas and Gaza - but does the Knesset? - Comment - Voices - The Independent

  4. [​IMG]

    For 43% of likely voters, economic issues -- not the Palestinians or Iran -- are top priority | The Times of Israel
  5. I am just thankful that Leiberman resigned and him and Netayanhu were not able to join together and make a coalition.
  6. Good, they care about what's happening in their own country as priority. This should be the case for every nation.
  7. theres more important stuff then the Palestinians here, and first thing is house prices.. everything is getting expensive in Israel, people are struggling to "end the month". market prices are high, taxes, fuel, electricity, water etc ...
    people want to change that, Bibi just didn't do enough.. but its very difficult to balance everything when most of the budget goes to security.. everybody knows that a necessary and don't argue on the subject much.
    the Palestinians issue is loud and clear in Israel, 90% of the people here will not agree to give land.. and you can see that in the next elections.. it will be Bibi and a lot of seats to Benet, he is the new star here. he gets my vote as well. PS- theres plenty more to this elections, but its too much to write.. bottom line, the inside business is the top priority, security theres no question about it.
  8. Personally, I'd like to see the Mizpah readout on this they still keep the ark there? Ahh, yess...the image is getting clearer...

    It would be a great time for some introspection this election Israel.

    Anything can be forgiven once the tribes realize they are one family.

    Iran and Palestine are not enemies of yours, the only enemy you have is the deceiver of the temple. They have poisoned the well, and set the tribes to malice. There is a higher power than chemical manipulation of slaves. It is the one mind we share now. All citizens of Israel should hug each other, lay down arms and present peace offerings to their brothers across the fence.

    Build for the ones you fear what you wish to see for yourselves, and peace is yours. War is over, when the lie dies. The lamb of Islam is the brother of the Lion of Judah, so why not lie down together, and watch the lion king together, and feel the love tonight. All are deceived, all are victims, all are slaves, until we realize the power is not in death but giving life to a better future.

    Image is fading...fading...

    Ei Syn Pi Sin Sine Sign Hw.

    Vote Hakuna Matata.

  9. Of course Islam and Iran are not Israel's enemies.

    It is radical Islam that's the enemy. Iran and Palestine just so happen to be ruled by radical Islamic parties.

  10. I'm a zionist and I find this offensive...
  11. Andddddd another one bites the dust:wave:
  12. Dude, don't bait the trolls man, he's a previously banned user - banned again
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    Too many Israelis depend on the state to finance their lifestyles. Some steps have been taken of late to try and get the religiously inclined to work and serve in the military but a long way to go yet. Israel is svery much a welfare state where religion seems to be used as an excuse not to work.
    Must be a lot of the state coffers going to new Israelis who relocate from foreign countries as well.

    Do secular Israelis not resent the religious not contributing to the economy ?
  14. and this is coming from someone in france, probably the best known welfare state in the world.....

  15. The first step in French foreign policy....surrender first and then ask for terms.
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  17. The rise of anti-black racism in Israel is very troubling.

    Demonizing foreigners and blaming them for domestic problems is a classic technique of demagogues. The cynic in me says some Israeli politicians are using racism and warmongering talk to distract the people from real issues like Israel's out-of-control rise in the cost of living.
  18. Its not troubling, its logic and order.

    Bullshit! You have no idea whats happening here. These are illegal immigrants who seek illegal job in Israel, and sending their money overseas.
    The crime rate is overflow in their area which used to be south tel aviv.

    They rape woman, many cases of raping young girls and even 80 year old woman's! they steal everything, braking into houses, robbing people in the streets.

    and they enter Israel without documents or any approval.
    They don't being here and they should be sent back home. They are illegal.
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    I'm sure the Palestinians said the same thing 65 years ago.

    Also, would they be as "illegal" if they were Jewish?
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    More Party political adverts with English subtitles

    Likud Beitenu
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    Jewish Home
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    The Movement – Tzipi Livni
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    Yesh Atid – Yair Lapid
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    Pirate Party
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    Green Leaf
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    [ame=]Kadima - Israeli Election Ad 2013 (English Subtitles) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Shas - Israeli Election Ad 2013 (English Subtitles) - YouTube[/ame]

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