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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by flammzrant, May 5, 2012.

  1. You've heard of the 710 movement?
    Well, this is the 150 movement ;)

    This thread is for discussing anything and everything that relates to marijuana and isopropyl alcohol, most specifically QWISO (Quick Wash ISO)

    I will start by posting my method and a couple pics of my results :)

    Please feel free to ask any on topic questions and pleasepleaseplease post pics and comments!

    Lets fill this thread with dank and knowledge :hello: :hello: :hello:

    My Method

    Freeze product and iso, the longer the better (have your product in your container already obv) Immediately after removing both from freezer, pour enough ISO to cover all product
    (assuming you're using 91% ISO) swish or stir gently for about 30-35secs
    Strain through a filter with large holes into a glass first to get the product out of the iso asap, (I use a stainless steel sink drain lol)
    Then strain through something finer like a coffee filter into your evap dish
    Scrape your end product onto parchment paper and work it with your hands until its all in one mass (or you can use your fingers like greentrails, I know I have before)

    *things I do that aren't necessary
    -Before anything, I run my product through my largest filter just to get all the smallest plant matter particulate out
    -After the first strain, keep already soaked product in the large strainer and pour the ISO it was soaked in over it multiples times before straining through finer materials (I do this in place of a second wash)

    Results :D

    this is the most shatter-esque qwiso i have ever had
    its incredibly tough to work with because of it, i can barely get it warm enough in my hands to work with it
    i couldn't get it spread any thinner than it is in the pics

    product used


    result :smoke


    no flash




    if its at room temp, it just snaps at the slightest touch

    Currently, due to living situations, I am not doing things with the herb, but I will continue to upload old pics every now and then to remind people what is possible when you have a little practice and knowhow :smoke:
  2. :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

    welcome to the best thread on grasscity!!!!!!
  3. [quote name='"NotoriousCheech"']:metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

    welcome to the best thread on grasscity!!!!!![/quote]

    Make sure cloud finds his way, he was my first inspiration with his abv qwiso

  4. oh he will..

    he can smell iso talk from miles and miles away.
    that man is the master! :hello::smoke:
  5. Bad ass thread man. You put my qwiso to shame

    Just a pro tip for everybody else: try to keep the alcohol you're filtering as still as possible. The less movement the less plant shit gets in the final product
  6. Thanks gbub, just wish I could get clearer pics like cheech does.

    Please feel free to throw up your own pics brother.
    It doesn't matter if YOU don't feel they're up to par, I still wanna see em ;)

    Hahahahahahahaha cheech, that's so true
  7. Woo, stoked for the upcoming isogallery to unfold
  8. [quote name='flammzrant']

    Please feel free to throw up your own pics brother.
    It doesn't matter if YOU don't feel they're up to par, I still wanna see em ;)


    ill share a couple for now. although im sure some of you have already seen these a couple times, ill try to find ones i havnt posted in a while :eek:
  9. ^ second pic... fucking love it man i'd even use it as a desktop wallpaper :laughing:

  10. hahaha thanks man i really appreciate that

    i feel like we need to make a website magazine or some shit hahahahh, theres quite a few good photographers here! and plenty of people with great knowledge :hello:
  11. [​IMG]

    Plenty more to come. :cool:
  12. how many dabs does it take to get to the middle! hahahha
    looks great man :smoke:
  13. [ame=]Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live 1969) - YouTube[/ame]

    In the name of qwiso everywhere
  14. [quote name='"NotoriousCheech"']how many dabs does it take to get to the middle![/quote]
    One :devious: :metal:

    I have a feeling this may become my favorite thread pretty quick, the oilheads are easily some of the best people on GC :D :smoke:
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  15. :laughing:
    couldnt agree more. GC running slow for anyone else? taking so many clicks for me to like the post :(

    just took a video of my wash will upload soon!
  16. sweet thread guys, im gonna try a iso run one of these days
  17. try it, it's easier than it might seem if you can figure out a good straining and washing system, you'll be fine.
    everyone does it different, it's up to you to figure out how you like to wash your iso.
  18. I get an Oz of mids (pretty good stuff for mids) for 120.. so i'm thinking of making about a half oz worth of qwiso some time soon. :) can't wait.
  19. oh in for the iso thread :metal:

    i usually just throw mine in the bong or on a bed of bud...

    whats your FAVORITE way guys?? :poke:
  20. ^ Usually dabbing on the ti nail in my inline perc, or on top of a nice bowl
    but my favorite way has to be dry dabbing!

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