The irony of humans beings.

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  1. We are the only species intelligent enough to control our own evolution and the demographics and lifestyles we choose to live. (Birds migrate... but that's different)

    So that makes us pretty much the only "self sustaining" society... in the terms that we can feed our own evolution for as long as this planet lets us...(-__- errrr, we don't have much time haha)

    Ironically enough, we are also the only "self-destructive" species too... Sure there are animals that die after stinging you, but that's natural reaction. We humans do not "naturally" kill ourselves, our sick habits and lifestyles do. Consumerism has only been around for like 200 years, and I really think we're slowly killing ourselves.

    Animals (regular ones, the ones without the ability to think) just take from the Earth as they please and just fill up their ecological niche nicely. HUMANS HAVE NO NICHE..... WE NO LONGER TAKE PLACE IN THE CYCLE THAT CONSTITUTES THE ENVIRONMENT....apparantly the IDIOTS who led us to where we are believed that humans were "unique and direct images of this *God*" pffffffft.... my ass... LIFE is image of God, anything that lives shit anything that exists NATURALLY is a reflection of God... not the human being.... we just evolved from fucking monkeys...

    100 000 years ago, man was primitive, but surrounded by millions of animals (which we knew nothing about, except how they tasted and the furs that we could make from thm)

    Now, we know almost everything about all these animals and are slowly starting to see less and less of them.... I guarantee that 10 000 years ago, there was thousands of more species existing EVERYWHERE.

    I look out my window and the closest thing I can call an ecosystem is a stupid greenbelt behind my house... filled with nothing but trees shrubs and small rodents, maybe 2-3 species of birds.

    I am sick of how we've ruined this beautiful planet and just dumped conrete all over it....

    I can't do much... actually prety much nothing at all, but I can damn well do my best to leave as little of a carbon footprint as I can.... Why couldn't the goddamn European ancestors that I came from live like Native Americans or Mayans? Why couldn't intelligent leaders realize that an agricultural society is stable and perfect for sustaining life (if anything, families are ecouraged to be bigger in order to help out at the farm)....

    ...Oh right, because religion and power dictate other wise...

    Well the world's corruption that leads us to where we are now is just too much to bear.

    /end rant....

    haha... had to get this off my chest I AM JUST SICKENED BY THIS "GLOBE"

    Maybe we do need a God... an almightly powerful soul that is perfect, no flaws, no corruption to come down and abolish religion and the consumerist world we live in, but judging by the history of this piece of shit we call "Earth" I don't think we will ever see a shred of humanity... money makes the world go round... and I don't think this planet is ready to stop spinning just yet...
  2. Not to mention we are munching down the Earth's resources like no other.
    80% of the resources we have avaliable are being used by 20% of the population.

    Seems like there is far too wide of a gap between the people on this world.

    Shit started going downhill once we realized we can harvest the sun's energy by digging into the Earth for oil, which I don't know if you knew this or not, causes Carbon to rise up from the bottom of the Earth to the atmosphere. Ahhhh
  3. the eurpoeans should have made the mayans produce everything for them.... gold, food, etc... made south america a farm... would have been a weird world path... and it happened!

    thank you quantum mechanics?
  4. Every new beginning is some other beginnings end . . .

    Besides, every single civilization of people before came and went and sadly, so will we.
  5. You're right Kirill, we have so much potential for good yet we are constantly involved in self-destructive behavior.

    Human society is made up of individuals. Humans have grouped together, created organizations (government, religion, etc), and proceed to worship said organizations as if they were some type of omnipotent entity. People then begin to believe in the power of these illusory entities and allow them to control their ideals rather than thinking for themselves. This is one big reason why people turn a blind eye to so much destruction. The government is not real, religion is not real, Weyerhaeuser is not real; there are only individuals doing things.

    The beliefs that are dictated to us are a primary factor of what type of environment we experience as children. Our childhood experience is what forms what type of person we will become. With so much abuse (mental, physical) happening to so many children, we are left with a world filled with traumatized individuals. This leads to the plethora of ills we have in human society.

    Here's a good video that provides a good overview of the effect childhood experiences have in shaping the people who fill the world.
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    I think its human nature to be self destructive its just something in us that makes us royally fuck up.

    Edit:But Kirill most of the stuff that occurs "naturally" on Earth has "evolved" because of predators. Thats why roses grow thorns etc...etc...
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    The thing that pisses me off the most is when people start heath fires.

    I live next to a heath and chavs are always starting fires and making everything turn black and look shit. There was a time when wild flowers grew on the heath and now it just looks brown/black and shit. I can't imagine the impact this is having on the heath ecosystem, there are occassionally deer spotted but they seem to be declining in numbers and i often see them running around the streets looking for food.

    It pisses me off how people just seem to want to ruin the one bit of nature left untouched..

    I say we just kill the stupid people :p
  8. There are other species that are very destructive to their environment and themselves. Pests like those poisonous toads that kill predators who try to eat them for example. There are a lot of fundamental fuck ups in our society tho.

  9. nice quote from closeing time

    to the OP..........amen

    when will everyone else wake up
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    people as individuals are very intelligent, collectively we are fucking retarded. I think the only way this world will ever change from our self destructive behavior would be for electricity to dissappear. No more microwaveable dinners wtc. No more crap manufactured from which we get no benefit for survival ( im talking about plastics, all those crazy gizmos and gadgets you see that really are unnecessary for life). Following this the +/- 60% of US populations would die from starvation without McDonalds or some other form of fast or premade food to pop in the microwave. The ones who would be able to survive would repopulate.

    I mean if you really think about it, how many people that you know would be able to susvive in a survival mode setting. Ill tell you this, not many.

    Those that do susrvive would realize what the earth really is, a living organism. We are a bacteria on this earth that infected it. Maybe those who reconnect with natrure will understand it more.

    Primarily im just tired of people thinking that they are the shit and that the earth serves them when its the other way around. They dont realize that without the earth, this extraordinary planet that is just the right distance from the sun for water to form, the right intensity of light for life to be sustained etc.; we wouldnt be here! They continue to exploit and eat but without realizing that they have overstayed their welcome.
  11. Well don't fret about it man. In time we will be done and this world will be at peace. We are growing as a species at such a rapid pace that soon we will not be able to sustain ourselves. Nations will fight over water and food, the people will kill others to sustain their hunger and eventually things will become so over bearing that their will be massive genocides. Maybe a nuclear Holocaust, maybe just good ol' fashioned foot soldiers. The ones remaining will die off in time and then our world can once again live in peace. More water molecules will bond to sustain the remaining animal life, new food will grow, our footprint in this world will be covered. Our buildings grown over, and collapsed with time, our roads upturned by the Earth. Things will once again be put right. It just takes time. Then maybe a species will evolve to such a consciousness as us and find our ruins that remain and learn from our mistakes. But then will most likely overindulge and become apathetic in their luxuries and meet the same fate. So chin up man!
  12. Not that it's right, or what I want for the Earth.

    But at this point it truely does serve us, and in the small scale of the Universe, the earth is an abysmal nothing. We're the only species here smart enough to make it off of the planet.

    Which in my mind means, the first to be able to create new ones. (Be it a long time from now). So while there is a lot of rediculous waste, hopefully one day the need to sustain an environment on a new planet, and new technology will become one.

    As for now, the Earth is royally fucked, just say good bye to all your favorite species.
    So few work to help the Earth, they are dwarfed by the numbers who lay waste to it.

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