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Discussion in 'General' started by Brittney, May 30, 2013.

  1. I'm curious to know how many people on this forum are from Iowa. Sure, Iowa doesn't have many great things to offer (our chief exports being pigs & corn), but there HAS to be some stoners here, right? I'm curious if anyone has any outdoors grows going on this summer or what they're smoking on. I'm curious to see what kind of quality is floating around out there, if you've come across hash or oils (which I have a REALLY difficult time finding).
    THIS IS NOT A "HOOKUP" thread. I just want to connect with some other Iowa tokers here on GC. Photos highly encouraged! What are you guys paying in your area for some good bud? :)

  2. Born in Iowa, spent a lot of time as a boy spending summers working on my uncle's farms. Gotten some great bud from a lot of farmers, Dunno if they grew their own though
  3. Farmers huh.
    Where do you live now?
    Wisconsin, I never really lived in Iowa all that long, just until I was about 3, but a lot of my relatives live there still so I occasionally visit
  5. I heard there's corn in Iowa
  6. I live in MN. Been to Iowa, through Iowa, a few times. 
    Never spent any real time there except in dorm rooms when I was in college. Had a friend that went to Luther, dated a guy who went to Drake. Good times, good times.
    The southern half of the state is better. 
    Corn, pigs, and soybeans. I live in the city though, so it's not too bad unless you have to travel across state -- then it's just boring.
    I went to MN last summer and fell in LOVE. I fully intend to make the move up there within the next year or so. The Duluth area is beautiful!
  8. I'm in the southern suburbs, but there is nothing comparable to the north shore and BWCA!!
    I don't mind Minnesota, just the winters. ;)

    Welcome to the city, Iowa Blady.
  9. I live in the NW corner of Iowa, out in the middle of nowhere, have all my life. I work on a family farm, we grow corn and soybeans and we raise pigs.

    Around here good bud is somewhat hard to come by, we have really bad dry spells. Hash oils and waxs are unheard of unless you make your own.

    I can usually get 1/4oz of the stanky dank for $100 if I'm lucky and that's from my close friends. Otherwise it's $120.

    I do have an outdoor grow but it's just some bagseeds from some brown schwaggy shit; so it's not like i'm investing any time or money into it.
  10. I live in Clear Lake, Iowa (where the most wonderful Iowa dank is at)
    Grew up in the Ames area. Have lived in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids too.  

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