The Invention of Lying

Discussion in 'Movies' started by damnimhigh, Sep 23, 2009.

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    anybody else think ricky gervais is the funniest fucker in the world right now? this movie looks so goddamn funny and really interesting at the same time.

    def gonna be sparking before this one. anyone else excited?
  2. yea definitely i cant wait for this to come out, it looks really funny.
  3. looking forward to this, looks alot better than ghost town
  4. Really good idea and concept for this one. Pretty simple, but this just goes to show that Hollywood writer's aren't running out of ideas yet.
  5. Jennifer Garner is hot.
  6. She really isnt
  7. Yeah! Ricky gervais is a legend I can't wait to see this movie, anyone who doesn't yet know the comical greatness of ricky needs to go and watch an episode of the English version of The Office.
  8. jus realised wat a tit gervais really does look in that promo shot.....i know he does the whole arrogant celebrity thing 4 a joke but i cant elp but think he is gradually getting more arrogant and less funny.....this is comming from a long term gervais fan rite from the early xfm days with karl and steve....always prefered steve anyway, e used 2 live nxt door 2 my nan in crouch end.......fuck im high
  9. Seems like the exact opposite concept of Liar Liar.

  10. stephen merchant lived near your grandmother?!?!?! holy shit man thats awesome
  11. not exact opposite but close
  12. I thought it was okay. 6.5/10.
  13. Not a bad movie, and has some lol parts, but drops the ball on the ending. I left with about 5 minutes remaining because it was such a typical expected ending.

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