The Internet Is not Fun Anymore

Discussion in 'General' started by Suck My Mind, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I've been on the net since 1995 and back then you were able to do or say whatever you wanted without worry of repercussion. Stay as anonymous as you wanted and not worry for some punk loser with no life reporting on you or some over powering Nazi fuck of a mod banning you.

    Lately it just seems I get banned on almost every forum I go onto. Besides the over sensitive nutters on boards just a few days ago one of my host shut down one of my websites.

    I asked my host why and they told me it was reported as spam, so I asked if I could get a transcript of the complaint. My host emailed me it yesterday so I traced back the ip of the user who filed the complaint.

    Found that it traced back to Dave County Police Department. Apparently they didn't like my anti-Government opinions? To me I'm saying who the fuck are they!? I should get in contact with one of my attorneys and sue their ass for discrimination or something.
  2. Fuck that man, your safe here on GC. With our friendly, awesome community.
  3. It's true on GC. I've been suspended twice for illegitimate reasons by some pretty stupid blades.

    Do it, ban me for my opinion. I dare you.

  4. i kinda feel you
  5. I strongly dislike anybody who keeps saying "UMADBRO?" :smoke:
  6. You made it a whole month here without getting banned
  7. It's the internets way of saying "get a life".

  8. No one else found this disturbing????
  9. Fuck tha po-lice!

    Pretty much sums it up
  10. what do you say to get kicked off so many fourms lol?
  11. more people can reach out and touch you then you think. :smoking:
  12. that's why you don't get a host buttfucked by the gubbermint

    look for offshore hosting next time
  13. That's really sketchy OP. I'm sorry to hear about that.

    Internet censorship is a bad thing Blades. This is an example of it. Think.

  14. he was probly on a cop website and talking shit about cops

  15. His own website was shut down because of a complaint filed by a police department.
  16. Dude, as far as the "free speech" goes, a guy can run his forum any way he likes. Thats his freedom. If you want to disrespect that, then you dont belong there.

    Other than that, we are losing our online anonymity. Thats fucked up what happened to your site. What was it about exactly?

  17. The website is a typical anti- US hatred government website, the only difference is I use my own money to send anti-government material to prison inmates across the US and information on how the state is screwing them over and who they can contact to prevent their enslavement to the state. I have money now but when I was younger I was poor as dirt and know how the system really works.

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