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The Interesting Thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by Got Milk, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Where did it go?..

    This forum is absolutely huge, yet i no longer feel like theres any part of it i like to call home. I remember feeling excited exploring through some of the threads in Real life and here in General... But of late, all i seem to find is multiple threads about rookies having panic attacks, people getting caught and the latest guide on how not to get caught at school...

    I dunno, this wasn't made to be a bitch thread. I wanted to create a place where we could compile all the sickest shit into a huge collection... A mass of ill beats you may of heard, dope pieces you've spotted, fat rides, cute girls, heavy barrels etc etc.... As well as any gnarly stories you want to share about you and your mates..

    I'll start...

    Here's one that i heard while bonging on with the local riff raff. Its a second hand story so i cant be held accountable for accuracy but here goes..

    Apparently there was some sort of dispute between two groups of guys around the city i live in, not gangs or anything, just some random dudes getting angry. Anyways stuff gets wild and a dude from group A, lets call him Ted, bashes the shit out of a couple guys from group B... Ted bails and the guys from group B start making calls to other guys to sort out Ted. Im pretty sure this went on for a couple more hours, anyways..

    Guys from group B were waiting in this park for Ted, Ted was meeting them there to fight? When Ted and Group A showed up to the park, the car starts getting bottled and smashed up with bricks..

    Group B is there yelling and getting worked up, when one guy from earlier, we'll call him Billy who was bashed by Ted, pulls out a machete. Billy starts yelling and screaming and runs up to the car with some of his group B mates.. He screams out laughing manically "Whooo's readdddyy to gett stabbbeddd??!?".. And holds out his blade..

    Ted draws out a sawn-off 12gauge and blasts away Billy from a couple meters away killing him and causing everyone to bail in different directions..

    Ted was charged for manslaughter and may be serving a maximum of 25 years...

    So yeah thats where i live... Bunch of lower-middle class ex convicts..


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