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  1. Ok. So basically last night Me and my friend stumbled upon 6.5 grams of upper midds.

    WE wanted to try something new with a home-made bong. So we ran out to a local 7-11 and bout black and milds. We took the cancer paper off(t he paper is actually just designed to make them burn better ) and packed the finger-ground bud into it .

    So now we have a huge 1 gallon milk container to use for the actual body. We used a nitro lighter or whatever to burn a hole in the side on a nice little angle and inserted a quite unusual BUT PERFECT tube from a pen.

    So now we got the the pen tube in the body snugged around air tight with gum. All we needed now was liquid and a way to at the blunt to the pen.

    This was the fun part. We melted the tip of the tube so that the tip of the blunt would fit in it. It was amazing how perfect we got it . It was air tight but loose enough to slide out in the middle of a hit.

    Because we were bored we filled the innovative bong with tea that was made from shwag :) .

    So basically we had a nice blunt with those cool mouth piece things. connected to a tea bong.

    We lit the blunt hit off the top of the bong and slid the blunt out of the pen to get the amazing drag.

    It was amazing.

    After we hit the hole blunt. We could barley move. We were high enough to chug the disgusting shwag tea.

    My stomach has been sour all day now :(.

    well this was my innovative water bong roach motel :p.

    Would post pics / If I had them :(

    If you read this whole thing atleast spend the time to post :)
  2. ewwwwwwwwwwww
  3. Yeah I know man. I drank over 20 bottles of water in 24 hours. And I still have cotton mouth.
  4. I always laugh when people say they drank the liquid out of the bong after smoking.. it could be some Gold Leaf, and Id still throw that shit down the sink....
  5. word... But the high from the liquid was trippy. But my stomach stillll hurts.
  6. I used to know a guy who would drink bong water. We were smoking outside, and someone was about to get up and dump the bong water out so we could go inside when this guy yells, "WAIT!" like it was something important. He goes on to talk about how dumping bong water is drank it.
    Also talked a guy into drinking a beer out of a bong after it had been smoked through. He was reluctant at first, but only because he didn't think it was a beer, not because it was bong water (beer). Crazy people. Fuck bong water.
  7. if you drink the bong liquid to get high, you have a serious mental addiction... same goes for people who smoke the black, sticky, smelly after product called resin.

    ill stick to actual weed.

    reminds me of people who smoke half burned cigs they find on the ground or in a ash tray... they need their fix.
  8. You can get high from regular bong water?
  9. how do you make tea? cause i really wanna fill a snapple green tea bottle with herb tea and drink it in school :cool:

  10. Ok m8, Boil water and put very fine shredded weed in an empty tea bag. and dip it in there and just keep dipping and squeezing till you have like none left. It takes a while to hit in but it works.

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