The Infinity Machine

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    Psychedelic. The mind made manifest. That is the starting point. The necessary Alpha. The Omega is the Bliss Explosion. All life, all energy moves between these two poles by the will of the Great Magnet. Cosmo makes synchronicity happen. His book is Changes. When you can read the hieroglyphs in the landscape, you will truly "see".

    The escort had big tits. She was young and blond and tight. A brick house all the way. The Counselor looked at the pics on the screen. You can pay now, or you can Pay Later, he thought, grinning. He had always believed in doing his business Up Front. She apparently had good oral skills. "Suck the life right out of you". There was a lot to be said for truth in advertising. You didn't get a lot of that these days. Satisfying that Dopamine craving could really be a bitch. He picked up the cell phone. He could be a giving guy. After all, a girl's gotta' eat.
    Am I right or am I right?

    And in Western cultures in particular, we see this decline along many vectors. But standing behind all is the shadow of Chaos. Not for nothing is she always pictured as a woman. And not for nothing is this called the Kali-Yuga...the Dark Age. Kali is the goddess of destruction who drinks the blood of saints. A man eater all the way. And she will demand her due. But you are obligated only of your seed. Thus has it been explained to us by the porn sites of the wise.
  2. What the heck was that mumbo jumbo I just read?
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    It's all about the Omega Point. That singularity that is ahead of us in time. There comes a point. It's an old saying, but true. Are you prepared for that lift-off? To walk the Sky Road? For time is not linear. It is accelerating. Check how fast the magnetic poles are shifting. The Light-Body-Craft can only be honed in this lifetime. All other considerations are now secondary. The Cosmic Questions now beckon:

    "What kind did you say those were again?"

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    The stars have come round at last..The Bile of the Time Worm runs blue..To convert the sacred Waters is to open the door to Ra Hoor Kuit...Fly through the door that is in the sunset. From the Great Chamber let your Ka fly back to the Fantastic Planet. The Lords of Kobal speak. Sinse before your sun burned hot in space..they have awaited a question. You must pass over the surface of the geometric planes to get to the headlands...beyond the Sea of Green.
    When you fall into one of will know...You are not of the Emerald Kingdom only...just late for tea...If the clock has stopped, it's time to make the scene..And if they ask if you are stone free..just tell them it was the Meanies...Seen?
  5. I'd interject at forever. We all burn.
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