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The Infamous NYPurple Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by InnerBlazedEye, May 14, 2010.

  1. Here's the last bit of my half O purple pick from last week.
    This kush is an aromatic beaut. The smell had me rolling back to back Js And Ls.:smoking:
    So you can imagine my feet haven't touched the ground since last week. :D

    Attached Files:

  2. bro neck on u for taking such a great bud and putting it in a joint rookie move bro im sorry rookie move

  3. Some of us don't just buy eighths and quarters ;). I roll heady jays all the time, who are you to say thats a "rookie" move. If anything it's not a rookie move because it shows you can roll a jay, which is not a rookie trait.
  4. hell yeah thats some funk
  5. Dont know why it's a rookie move :confused_2: I love to roll js with great headies. Taste is fucking amazing.

    OT: Great looking buds man. My god.
  6. Lol not sure where that came from:confused: Not that i care whether or not you think im a rookie. I thought i made my self clear when i said that the smell it emits when burned is what made

    me roll the Js in the first place(as well as the fact that i like smoking them)

    As long as i have purple kush in abundance, Js And Ls will be blazed, as the smell

    envelops me in my room:smoking:...Its a matter of preference, home slice.
  7. no sir, neck on you. Nice pickup OP
  8. nice bud, but NY is known for our Diesel... not Kush. :smoke:

  9. i was about to say that dude. Looks so resiony and soo crystally
  10. Looks amazing! im to stoned to type anything else...:D
  11. Very true, but Im sure we've produced the Purps with enough quality and quantity to be

    dubbed infamous.

    But yea the Diesel IS good.:smoking:
  12. neck on all of you then!!! yeUHHHHHA
  13. You just broke my heart man.

    Those hairs man. They're reaching out for me.
  14. Damn that's some dank purps man. Good pickup, I would be rolling doobies nonstop.
  15. looks really delicious gratz on the good pick up :hello:
  16. Thanks. Ill post my next pickup before i blaze most of it so you can see the dankness in all

    it glory.:smoke:
  17. I would roll that shit up all day long damn that looks yummy.

    To that one rookie saying its a mistake to roll that.. obviously it would be for you buying gram bags at a time smokin with your towelie. A joint is the best way to taste your dank.
  18. lol... Amen to that.:D
  19. i prefer joints because i don't cough up all the sht on my chest that i get from blunts the next day
  20. I don't mean to put you on the spot Smokiin, but I think we should all remember that everyone has their own smoking methods which depends on the variables of their lives. Some people prefer glass because it can conserve more weed, but some others can afford to "waste" a little weed. Everyone has their own method that they prefer and it's always nice to switch up a lil' bit. btw rep+ to innerblaze - dank buds, brotha!

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