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The Infamous Bad High Curse

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by barrano247, May 23, 2013.

  1. Its common knowledge that some people just cant have a good, relaxed high, especially when they smoke strong shit. I was one of those people, who for a while had no problems when smoking, but suddenly just started having bad high after bad high, getting worse each time, and I would have quit if i didn't know there was a solution that could be found either while high, or using something else.
    For me, that something else was medication. I found out i had developed bipolar disorder, most likely related to my weed usage, although i had it before i started smoking a lot I think. When i finally got my bipolar medication (lamictal), my highs suddenly went from largely unpleasant for the first hour or so, to amazing, with no issues. I also think i have an anxiety issue, and it was the combination of my medication and learning how to relax that helped the most. I started to meditate after smoking, and when i was at peace that great feeling would replace the unpleasant one. 
    Just for some more background to my story, when i had unpleasant highs I would often times think about stressful things, and have revelations about myself. I realized a lot of issues with my personality and lifestyle, but thinking about these things helped make my high worse. Even when i just tried to turn my mind off, i would still feel pretty bad. Sometimes, i would feel very real sensations of something touching me, which i thought was a demon. One high when i smoked too much, I felt the demon basically attack me, horrible pain would suddenly occur in random places throughout my body, it honestly felt like i was getting stabbed and sliced, it was probably one of the worst experiences of my life but i can hardly remember it. Plus, i would freak out about my heartbeat, and get weird pressures in my head that started to move through my body. I would feel high the next day after smoking a good amount, that was probably what kept me smoking, after an hour i would feel fuckin amazing.
    Sorry i got off track a bit, but yea, I really wanted to tell people this story because I know a lot of people who had my problems, It sucked i had to keep smoking because when i stopped my bipolar would make me turn into a monster, i nearly cursed out a teacher for no reason, i would be really aggressive and when i got depressed id be nearly suicidal, but weed made these things go away for a bit. Now, with a combination of learning how to relax, and discovering my mental illness and taking medication for that, I defeated the infamous bad high curse, and I hope my story might help someone else with that problem. Sorry if this post was too long or anything.

  2. I'm glad you can enjoy your highs but the "real life stories" would be a better place for this as there really is no question. You shouldn't have smoked as much before and you probably could of controlled your high better. And if you have mental disorders running in your family weed can sometimes increase the chances of that happening to you as well so maybe weed caused your bipolar disorder? I don't know maybe you had it before.
  3. certain mental illnesses can be exacerbated by THC and continuing cannabis use usually makes it worse...
    but on the other hand CBD is a very effective antipsychotic when taken alone (without THC or other cannabinoids)
    im glad youre better now tho :D
    sorry, faded

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