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  1. So I know we all have run-ins with The Inexplicable a few times throughout our lives. I'll start off with some weird things I've seen:

    1) I found a super-tiny SHOE in a piece of broccoli I had eaten. Broccoli gnomes perhaps? ??

    2) Once, I was asleep and I had a dream that I stood up and turned on the light to my room. Right when it flicked on in the dream, I woke up and the light-switch was up, and I was in my bed. And I had turned the light off before I went to bed. ??

    3) I was eating chips and one of them disappeared. I still cannot account for that chip. It fell and never reappeared. ??

    What are yours?
  2. You lead a dull, albeit whimsical life.
  3. I was getting changed once in the bathroom when I dropped a shirt on the floor, only to turn around and find it hanging by its neckhole on the doorknob. Strange thing is, I saw it hit the floor when I dropped it :confused:
  4. I dropped a bottle of champagne and saw it smash on the floor, went to go get a broom to clear up all the glass(there was lots), when i got back(took me about 30 sec) there was the same champagne bottle sitting where it had smashed, in one peice with no broken glass around it:confused: It scared me shitless, i stood there staring at the bottle in confusion for about an hour before i realized what i was doing.

  5. ya... too bad it wasn't vodka... woulda drank that shit. I think id have a much funner time contemplating what just happened if I was drunk =D
  6. My only logical explanation is either the spirit or underworld or worse

    Underpants Gnomes.......

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  7. Hahaha, that episode rules. Seriously, I think the broccoli gnomes might look similar to underpants gnomes.
  8. how did you find it in the peice of broccoli AFTER you had eaten it? dont tell me you inspected your feces hahaha

    but ya one time i got up and looked at my clock, saw it was 810 and was mad late for school, hopped in the shower and got dressed real fast in like 5 mins, ran out the door to my car, started speeding off to school, looked at the clock in my car and realized it was only like 720.

    so i come home expecting my clock in my room to be an hour ahead, and i would just fix it, well no, it was the exact time it should be. freaky.

    i swear to god that clock said 810, and i stand by that till death, i swear that fucking clock was fucking with me

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