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  1. Hello all, This isn't the first time I've been through this venture, But I figured I'd mention the set-up a friend of mine has and see if I can find her some advice as she's a little hesitant to go on these forums herself.

    She has a couple of plants that are less than a week old under a 50 watt basking lamp intended for repltiles, They're in Miracle Grow soil. They are watered when needed with tap water that has been sitting for a few days to let harmful chemicals evaporate. She's also thinking of introducing apple-juice just before the blooming stage to increase yield. They seem to be a little spindly (Possibly lacking potassium?). Does anyone have and suggestions as to how she can make this a successful attempt?

    Any and all suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated.
  2. Well, there's a couple obvious problems. First, the light. BAAAD. That is causing your spindliness. Get a couple daylight spectrum CFL's (those spiral energy saver bulbs). That'll be a good start. Second is your soil. What kind of MG soil? Are there time release fertilizers? Is it the moisture control crap? Both are bad news for our purposes. Also, I know nothing of this apple juice idea, maybe it works but I've never heard of it. Get a good organic fertilizer, not too much N, and all the micronutrients. Maybe check out a few grow guides or skim through a few grow journals. Read read read, I still learn new stuff every day from aimless wandering on this site.
  3. The only thing adding apple juice is gonna do is make the smoke super harsh.

    It goes like this: the plant produces sugars and stuff for energy for the plant. When you harvest, you want to properly cure it and try to get the buds to use up whatever sugars are stored. If you don't, it's going to make some very harsh smoke that'll burn your lungs to death. If you go adding apple juice (a very sugar heavy liquid) it's going to greatly intesify that harshnesh. When someone wants to add flavor to the bud, typically they use sugar free additives for this reason.

    The plant isn't gonna go "omg apple juice!" and produce more bud. The bud might kinda taste like apples and be harsh as fuck.

    Also get some real light. The reason they're "spindly" is because they're trying to get more light by stretching up as far as it can. 50w isn't enough for even one plant. Especially not some reptile light. If you do waste your time with CFL's make sure you go by the actual wattage, NOT the equivalent wattage.

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