The Inconvenient Obama

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    It's all surreal, really.

    A video of George Hussein Obama:

  2. Ya the video is very interesting. He supports his brother still after being ignored, I think. :confused:
  3. Not to sound like a dick but this is sort of old news. And also I really don't see how this is supposed to reflect either positively or negatively on Obama. According to the video when his parents separated his father went to Africa and had another son by a different woman. Barack met this half-brother once, and apparently they both felt it was a little awkward (understandably so). That seems to be it really...
  4. Not really, it's already been posted, and it's something ONLY republicans would make a big deal out of.
  5. If they're not at all close, they never speak and they've never known each other, why should he be expected to give charity to the man? Who the fuck is anyone to judge him based on this? The man is basically a stranger to him.

  6. and if this was McCain the libs would stay silent about it? :rolleyes:

    plus the video has never been posted.
  7. Conservatives and republicans attempt to justify selfishness on a daily basis.

    Don't go judging someones charity and humanity when all you really give a fuck about is your gas prices and your tax dollars and your wars and your God.

    Compassion is the LAST thing on a republican's mind and everybody knows that.
  8. An increase of 4 billion dollars?

    That's NOTHING. Pocket change to quell the easily subsided like you.

  9. but it's more then any other president.

    and you said it was the last thing in their mind, so wouldn't that mean they would do nothing.
  10. Fighting is the last thing on my mind.

    Doesn't mean I'm not put in a position to once every blue moon.

    Not to mention Africa is to world's most SUFFERING continent (not country, CONTINENT) and you praise him for throwing enough money to give every citizen a bottle of water and sack of rice?

    That's malarky.
  11. Don't really want to be part of this argument just wanted to point out something;

    The number is bound to go up, just because it's more than any other president doesn't mean anything. It will continually go up, next president will be given that same title, he gave more than the other president, etc. Idk how to express exactly what I'm saying but basically, it will continue to go up as long as we have the ability for it to go up... o_O

  12. Whoa, you better back the fuck up junior, just because i consider myself fiscally conservative does not mean I'm a stingy fuck! Who the fuck are you and what gives you the fucking right to judge peoples values over their political ideology?

    Do you have any proof, evidence, or sources to back up this dumb ass claim of yours? I did think so. Its just the mad rantings of a disgruntled disillusioned liberal.
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    Woah woah woah, don't ask a question and assume I have no asnwer! You back the fuck up!

    I've got three BIG ones right here:

    1. Abortion.

    2. Gay marriage.

    3. Drug use.

    I shouldn't even have to explain those to you.
  14. Yeah and what the fuck do those issues have to do with your original post? In that post you claimed republicans are selfish on a daily basis, That we have no compassion. You stated nothing on the issues, you cant even remember what your arguing about.:D

    Your laughable, your post are full of anger, the rants of a liberal coming undone, lol, fuckin hilarious. :D

    Man when it comes to baiting people with outrageous post backed up with no proof or sources your a master.

    Your a Master-Baiter, lol.:D

    You could really benefit from this, How to Make an Argument, and some therapy, lol.
  15. You could benefit from it. Typical conservative tactics.

    I'll I'm seeing from you (aside from your constant grammatical and spelling errors) is this:

    "Your angry"

    "Stop ranting"

    "Chill out"

    "Back up your posts"

    "If you don't like it, get out"

    "You said this, you said that"

    You do nothing but sidestep my arguments and attack me personally. Your posts are full of fluff and arrogance. Vainglorious sludge.

    You seek therapy. DO IT.
  16. Dude your fishing for an argument. You make claims, lay out no facts and seem like your on the verge of a break down. I understand politics can be emotional but you get way to upset.

  17. Exactly. Nothing but fluff and arrogance.

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