The Importance of Flushing (Not Just End of Cycle Flushing)

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  1. When you feed your plants all these nutes the grow stores are making a living off of, salt builds up on your roots. When your roots start to salt burn, they lock up and stop taking in what you are feeding to begin with.
    I always found that flushing your plants (10-15 gallons drainage,either with a flushing agent or straight water) when you switch their feeding program (from veg to flower) will greatly increase the ability for your plant to take in those nutes and actually take in what you want them to get.
    Get rid of the veg juice before you switch them to bloom so they are not eating up that old veg stuff locked up in the dirt and roots and give them a good clean so they are at full "eating" potential when you want them to start budding. A quick start to bud production will always lead to a bigger yield.
    Hope this helps I found a noticeable difference in the production of my plants after I started flushing them before flower.

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    i think  flushing is a myth......i grow hydro and once never flushed....tasted the same just have to cure right....flushing is contreversial. salts leave leaves with the chlorypyll when drying....but i guess it dont hurt to flush anyway.
  3. Any true smoker who actually wants good weed and know what weed can and is supposed to taste like as far as the after taste and the effects on the sinus' or throat will tell you weed needs to be flushed and it needs to be done right.
    When I flush I don't cut the plants down until 98% of the leaves are pure yellow = no nutes. Try it one time and you will notice a difference
  4. so you recommend flushing when about to switch to bloom nute? Would the plant starve drom the N? Bottle said to use half dosage of veg and full bloom when switching for mine?
  5. Same here, ive done it both ways and flushing really doesnt make a difference to me.
    Then you must like weed that tastes like chemicals lol
  7. Not at all. I just learned how to feed plants correctly.
  8. Go organic, problem solved.
    Cannot argue that one. I can always tell when someone doesn't flush their weed though it will burn longer and be smoother if you flush it's just common sense and even science. I know company's that produce vegetables and fruits flush their stuff that is grown indoors
    I bet if you fire up a doobie of weed you grow and then flush a plant CORRECTLY and let the proper flush happen of the same weed you grew, the one you flushed will stay lit longer without having to hit it which ultimately leads to a smoother smoke.
    Just my preference but I will always flush my plants until they completely yellow off before cutting down
  10. I noticed alot of these statements make no sense.  Nobody supports their ideas about flushing.
    Some even claim "scientifically proven" within their nonsense.
    I hope you watch the trichomes because that also makes them mature very fast and I bet they are turning amber..

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