The importance of being a man.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. ever heard any father tell their son of the importance of being a man? maybe your fatehr told you such lessons.

    bu is it really relavent? or even benificial?

    because really... what are we teaching our next generation with such lessons?

    being a man.

    a man.

    ... so what exactly is a man?

    i'm quite certain those with biology or medical experience can tell you quite easily.

    its genetic and its fixed (surgery excluded).

    you don't need to try to be a man. if you are a man, then you've already reached the goal. anyone telling you that you need to try for this status doesnt understand what it is to be a man.

    a man.

    adult male human.

    thats all there is to it.

    so what exactly do those people mean?

    obviously they are not simply saying in another way "be true to your genetic make-up" or "don't deny the chromasomes".

    what they are saying, is somewhat more akin to "live upto the stereotype".

    when will we be able to move beyond such limited vision?


  2. well i think the live up to the stereotype is most of it.

    dont act like a girl. get muddy, get in a fight, cheat on some girls, dont take a shower, let your hair get long, scruffy beard, holes in your sweat pants. grab your crotch, burp, play with a dog, watch football, drink a beer, etc.

  3. aaaaaargh!


    half of what you wrote is perpetuating the myth i was trying to destroy, and the other half is just good advice for anyone, regardless of gender or manness.

    i'll just say my part again.
    what does it take to be a man?
    three requirements are as follows:
    adult. male. human.

    but hey ho... at least bongish has the modern version free of stereotyping, and not the old fasioned testosterone & sweat driven stereotype of facial fuzz, checked shirt, muscles, sexist biggotry and chewin tobaca.
  4. In another thread, 3 moderators had to emphasize how important it is to not argue with one another over nonsense. So...let's not do it here, too!

  5. heehee.


    i wasnt trying to shut you up. far from it.
    and maybe i didnt make myself clear firstly... what you said was all good advice. ... i just dont think its got much to do with being a "man" more than any other human, and being a man is only as important as is being a human.

    "i didnt realize DISCUSS meant "read what I wrote and simply agree with me.""

    i'd fucking die if the world was like that.

    hurrah for diversity i say.

    and btw... if you accept my invite of "discuss" that does mean people will respond and it will become a two way (or seven thousand way) thing. a disscussion doesnt involve leaving an opinion then running away. :D sorry if my reactionary alcohol fueled emotion driven responce rubbed you the wrong way. i'll try to be more constructive and contemplative, cannabis fueled and logic driven in future replies.
  6. I would say that to "be a man" is to be true ot one's own values.
  7. penis... need i say more?

  8. lmao extremely well put.
  9. To be there when needed.

    It's just stupid when somebody does something really stupid and when asked why you did it "'cos I'm a man" and all that living like a man etc. sure many men like it that way and a lot of women like it too but it shouldn't be done if you personaly don't like it. I like to be useful and have the right answers and protect "my woman" but it doesn't mean to go out huntin and barfing and getting into fights and that. Men have a lot to learn from women and women have a lot to learn from men.

  10. it is rare that wiser words get spoken.
  11. DIGIT is a fantastic lab rat !!!

    you only have to read posts done under alcool and post done under weed, to measure the diffrence in coolness of the effect it has on his ... verbal expression.

    /every time(*)/ he writes under alcool he has to correct what he said so that it is in accordance with himself, as opposed to his drunked self...

    just a remark pointed at the effect of alcool.

    it's my new thing:

    we are being banged hour after hour with alcool ads, and "tobacco is bad for health".
    there's an imbalance, we have to remind the world alcool IS BAD.

    (*)yeah I know not /everytime/ but it sounds better !!

  12. yep. all quite true.

    i think its all about how drunk i am. ... and then there are some things that i can talk about acurately whilst drunk (well, upto a point).

    hehe, i'm a lab rat! :D
  13. In your opnion Digit if being a man nothing more than being an adult human male, then is being a father nothing more than providing half the genetic make-up of a human embryo?

    technically yes, realistically no.

  14. i agree with the second part of that. i'm not entirely sure about the first.

    being a father isnt the same as being a man. any man is a man, and (to quote Lawrence Fishburn in the film Boyz in da hood) any fool with a dick can father a baby (so yeah, i suppose thats the technical gentic part dealt with). but it takes something extra to be a good father, to raise your children well.

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