The im Switching To Playstation This Generation Thread

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by llllllllll, May 25, 2013.

  1. What? I think that makes you a fanboy. 

  2. I mean ps2 was awesome don't get me wrong, like atv off road fury and twisted metal black were some of the sickest games I played. But nothing beats the memories I had of playing halo 1 and 2 for the first times and having huge LANs in my house for it.

    Ahh the good ole days, we use to have like 6 different tvs set up all over my living room and we'd play CTF on Bloodgultch and beat the game on legendary and all that. Man I miss those days
  3. I agree with the old halo, but RATCHET AND CLANK! Man that game was incredible.
  4. Count me in, but I was always a loyal PS consumer since way back when the original Playstation first came out. I cherish the moments I had with my dear Xbox such as Fuzion Frenzy, the Halo triology, Gears of War along with a couple classics but not trying to deal with the RROD again.
  5. Haha fuzion frenzy! That shit I almost forgot about... "Where is the competition?" (British voice)
  6. Yeah I'm switching this gen. Didn't like MS's original plans for the XBone and subsequent flip-flopping, and don't wanna see what else they have up their sleeve.
  7. I've had the gameboy (original and all of its variations including color,advance,ect) , sega genesis, playstation 1,2 and 3, the Nintendo 64, the original xbox and the 360, the dreamcast, the gamecube, the wii, the the ps vita. I love games but tbh I've always favored Xbox. I'm so disappointed in the Xbox 1. I am switching over to the ps4 and I'm not even going to buy the Xbox one at all. 
    There's just no reason I would want the Xbox one. It's more expensive, and as far as I can tell they're completely going away from the gaming heritage and switching to tv and shit. I have xfinity already, I have apple tv (netflix,hulu,youtube,ect) I don't need another god damn streaming device I want a game system. I buy a game system to play games on my game system. To be honest the only people who will buy the Xbox are people who are fanboys (I know a few diehard xbox fanboys who still aren't switching) and ignorant people who buy shit without looking it up, or people who buy it "because my friends have it". They will probably get some sales still but they're going to realize how stupid they were when playstations sales skyrocket and theirs stop climbing. Then probably drop after people see the playstation in comparison and the fact all their friends switched to PS4.
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    PS4. I'm coming home. I have had every major system but enjoyed the easiness of reaching friends on 360 vs PS3; however, PS4 is going to fix that. Also the 360 exclusives have all fallen off to crap. PS4 is where it's at. Also comparing OG Xbox to PS2 is no contest. PS2 is better buy a lot. PS2 is highest selling console ever I believe; that should tell you everything.
  9. Well, I'm gonna stick with my gaming PC. But once the PS4 gets a nice lineup going down the line I won't hesitate to pick up a console. Plus, PS+ shits all over Xbox Live.
    Sad to think the Games From Live bullshit is a copy-paste of what Sony does. Microsoft being real "innovative".
  10. I've been a playstation child my whole life, glad to see you noobs finally making a smart choice :D
  11. I have always bought both when I can afford it. I do not count Nintendo since I consider them seperate, though I do own a WII U. This generation though I will only be buying the PS4, Microsoft is not getting my money untill after it comes out and all the issues have been laid to rest. Yes PS4 has some as well, but won my heart at E3 and has never treated me badly. I can even deal with the backwards compatability since I managed to get one of the few PS3's that had full playback.
  12. Anyone know about the ps4+psvita bundle rumour?

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  13. Titan fall, Halo, never!!!!!!!!
  14. The only game I want from xbox one is Forza. I think ill be bummed for awhile after I first play it.

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  15. I liked forza 4 a bit when my roomie played it but i felt the only aspects its surpasses GT in is the damage (since there is actually physical damage shown) and in car cockpit views.  Comparing the actual technical aspects of the two games, imo GT far surpasses forza and creates a much more realistic feel when driving.

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