The im Switching To Playstation This Generation Thread

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  1. All ways been Sony I got no time for Xbox fees an bullshit .you know the Xbox one will charge you up the ass for there online.
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    Xbox should of juts asked what gamers wanted an go that rout.
  3. that would be too logical
  4. How isn't that a security flaw.... LOL.
    It's not just that though, you dont have to piss someone off for them to do this. .  Not that console scene ever really had a competitive scene, but, imagine how fun it will be to organize any type of team matches with this gaping hole.  Any 13 year old loner in his house whos pissed at the world can stop these things from happening with a computer and a 15 dollar subscription to a website that will 'stress test' server ips.  You can tell me only people who are pissed at other people will do this because I see countless streams get taken down all the time because of this.
    It is a security flaw, I never said that it wasn't. DoS and DDoS have been around a very long time, this isn't something new and spectacular.
    The console doesn't have a competitive scene? You must be out of the loop. For the past five years, I have played for four different leagues, hundreds of competitive games played, and I have never experienced someone altering the network performance for their own gain, in league play.
    Am I saying it never happens? No.
    In the times I have been booted offline, it was because I upset someone. Whether I beat them in a game or locked them in the spawn, or said some things in the heat of the moment.
    Just because the new xbox will have skype, doesn't mean that every match you play, someone will boot you offline because they found your skype id. I think the majority of gamers you will match up against would rather just play the game, not scramble through the xbox menus to retrieve your skype id, then fuck around with zone alarm to kick you out of the game.
    Besides, Microsoft has always handed out suspensions for people that alter network performance. Shit, I remember I got suspended in Halo 2 for matching up with two guys that used stand-by the entire match. I had nothing to do with it, but I still got suspended..
    IMO, I think a lot of people are just looking for ways to complain about the new xbox. Picking apart every little detail, when there were hardly any. All it was, was a reveal. I just spoke with Commander Common Knowledge, and he said that usually the juicy stuff comes around at E3, and that we should be patient before judging the shape of the console, the paint job, and the apps that will be pre-installed.
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    I'll have to disagree, I was actually kind of excited about it, until they started listing shit off like we  should be proud they're ruining their own shit.
    at the end of the day, all that entertainment bs they put in is just fine with me,
    fee for used games? .....ok, fuck the poor people I guess -_-
    a required kinect that is always listening and spying on you? go fuck yourself with a rake!
  8. I dont get why people are bitching about the look, its definitely not the prettiest thing but I suppose people have a problem with box shaped objects or something.
    I actually think it looks decent enough for something that will be shoved into an entertainment center for most people. they got rid of the tray, which I like cuz I've partially ruined a 360 and scratched some games up because of it.
  9. Here is a very real thought for all you potential XB1 buyers out there.
    A system that as it stands now wants to be internet connected 100% of the time.
    Wants the kinect camera and microphone to be connected and active 100% of the time.
    Has very real security flaws present (skype)
    How easy is it going to be for hackers to start viewing people through their always active kinect cams? It is already horrendously easy to be done on computers.  Creepy.
    On a side note, 500 GB seems so weak to me for a system demanding that I install every game I buy.  How can you say you are marketing to hardcore gamers when at best I'm only going to be able to install 50 games onto this harddrive?  
  10. why not just to the PC?
  11. I have been playing PC since I was 9 and it doesnt have every game. And the console experience is different than the PC one.
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    I owned PS1, PS2, Owned over 5 PS3's due to manufacturing defects, and they would die within hours of delivery, so I moved to 360, liked it for the most part until the last dashboard change, it looks horrendous now. The new Xbox looks like they're just saying "fuck it" and eating their shoe on this one.
    The PS4 looks miles better than the XB1, and Sony sounds like they actually listen to what their customers want, instead of doing what they want and expecting their customers to gobble up their recycled shit. Not to mention the PS4 all around looks more powerful than the XB1
  13. I am forever a PlayStation 1/2 person. I just never been a fan of the PS3. I just hope the Xbox One doesn't dissapont me because I loved the 360 and them talking and fees and servers that need to be maintained everyday isn't just a good first impression.
  14. Ps4 is the smart choice but maybe Halo 5 will change my mind.
    ...prob not ^_^ 
  15. Always been a diehard 360 fan but I probably will be bailing on microsoft for the next generation. I've been jealous of PS3 owners with their free online play and built in blu-rays. MS had the opportunity to make a big leap but it seems like they're taking steps back on this one...exclusive xbox games like halo and gta can't even change my mind.
    I like the console experience better, and I hate having to constantly upgrade hardware.
    Agree 100%, it's just going to sit on a shelf it's not like you need to show it off or have it as a centerpiece
  16. lol... halo 5? Halo 4 flopped hard enough and who is honestly interested in the Halo series anymore when bungie will debut Destiny this gen
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    I cannot for the life of me, use those controllers (cunt rollers). I am a mouse and keyboard guy. I play runescape lol.
  18. I've always been a ps girl.
    Beyond anything else, the xbox one sounds creeeeeeeEEEEeeepy. In 2011, Microsoft took out a patent on an achievement system for rewarding TV watching/advert watching. So in effect this means that microsoft will be able to track everything you're watching. The whole kinect thing is crazy as well, microsoft will have a direct window into your life. Microsoft have yet to confirm whether the Kinect can actually read lips. 
    Oh look at the time, It's 1984 already.
    I always think about this with camera phones, and laptops that come with webcams already installed inside of them. I always wonder if their watching us through the cameras..
    The world is a scary place now.
  20. Like I said before in this thread, it is appallingly easy for hackers to gain webcam access.  

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