The im Switching To Playstation This Generation Thread

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by llllllllll, May 25, 2013.

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    Ill be switching to playstation 4 as my primary console this generation. (+ pc ofcourse) That is unless Microsoft and its Xbox can dig themselves out of the hole they are currently in with this gaudy new console I have seen thus far.  I'm astounded at its shortcomings and blatant security flaws shown thus far.  
    -Skype integration.  Really.  Really?  Reallly?!

    Now you can bring 100% internet insecurity to even your home consoles with the simple addition of Skype to Xbox.  What a horrendous decision. This point alone is the reason I will not get an Xbox 1.
    -The console just overall looks, ugly.  It is a un-pleasurable mix of old boxy retro shapes, and new shiny finishes.  Atleast the xbox is finally a fucking box shape, I guess? :confused_2:
    -It is for games.

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    I started as a playstation guy. I guess I'm going to die as a PS guy. I loved ps and ps2. The memories... The only thing is I'll have to get used to the ps controller again. The one thing I love more about xbox and always have is the controller. I have kind of big slightly chubby hands, and the first time I played xbox. It just felt so perfect.

    Plus. I am officially declaring Xbox one as not a gaming console. They have pretty much implied, fuck I think I read an article quoting them saying they wanted to get away from just gaming. The ps4 is bringing in all the apps and all in one crap everything had these days. But for not it seems like with the playstation they are completely dedicating the system to gaming. Not american tv and the NFL and spying on you watching little kids... Do things to themselves.. Fuck you microsoft. I welcome and admit Sony as the new gaming console overlords.
  3. I won't be switching, I will be a returning Sony customer. I have bought all of their consoles from the original PS, to their TV's and Stereo systems.
    Sony seems to never disappoint in my regard. I have high hopes for the PS4.
  4. I haven't looked into either console yet, but I'm 90% sure I'll be going with Sony. Never had a problem with my PS1 or 2, but have had problems with my original xbox and 360, and way too often. The way I see it, Microsoft's quality is shit. That may change, or it may not; don't plan on finding out the hard way this time.
  5. playstation for life always has been and always will be. never had a problem with my ps1. my ps2 still works and its over 10 years old with easily thousands of hours on it, had one ps3 die on me but i had a good six years with it with thousnads of hours logged on it as well. i am excited for the PS4. heard waaay to many xbox horror stories to even consider switching consoles.
  6. I will most likely be switching to ps4 or looking into a gaming pc, microsoft fucked up and I hope they feel it. just gonna have to get used to the ps controller, havent used one since before the ps3 came out.

  7. Op what'd skype ever do to you

  8. I currently have a PS3 and I previously had an original Xbox the generation before that.
    I really HATE the way the new Xbox One console looks, but all it's going to do is sit by my TV so that doesn't really matter I guess. 
    I'm going to wait until after I see the various games each console is launching with at E3 to decide which one is better. 
  9. i had a 360 at one point and now own a ps3. i plan on buying another ps3 and will probably never own an Xbox One unless it's a gift, but even then ill probably just sell it.
    my friend is trying to warn me about the cameras on the ps4 but i told him there's a simple solution.....unplug it when you're not using it.
  10. I'll wait until E3..but
    -The xbox looks like shit..
    Though is PS4 online network gonna be a giants empty space where no one has mics?
  11. Just as Jerzeslugga said, probably going to wait till E3 to make the final decision to go with the PS4.

    So far it looks like the Xbox 1 is going to be shit.
  12. I have heard nothing but terrible things about Xbox 1, I guess we will have to wait and see. Before they even announced the consoles I was planning on switching back to Playstation for next gen and now with the announced consoles nothing has changed. Looks like a lot of Xbox users are going to be jumping ships before it sinks :p
  13. yea i'm another person that stuck by microsoft since the first xbox, but ill be switching this year. The xbox one looks like shit.
  14. Playstation all the way. Never liked xbox or Microsoft.
  15. God Bless PlayStation.
  16. I will not be switching to PS4. I'll be sticking with my 360 playing GTA5 for a long time.
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    Skype allows anyone with a command prompt or a computer to obtain any IP address from any Skype user by only knowing their skype username.
    In other words I can google search for your skype ID, find it, and DDoS you.
    Oh man, in the slight case that this may happen to you, you actually might have to go outside for an hour or two.
    I feel your pain, brother
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    It is already rampant in Sc2, LoL, and Dota communities.
    whether you want to admit it or not having skype on consoles undermines any security measures already in place on the X1.
    moreover: if you do not think this is a huge security whole for even just an everyday user, you are very, very ignorant.
    How is hitting someone offline a huge security hole? It's been happening since the original xbox. If you didn't know that by now, you are very, very ignorant.
    It's not like someone can get into your account with an IP address.
    My advice to you is, don't piss anyone off to the point where they kick you offline.. Problem solved.

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