the im so stoned thread.

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  1. im so stoned it feels like my legs are being ripped apart. How stoned are you guys? Very subtely though! the leg thing
  2. I'm not yet. I am getting ready to walk out my backdoor and go to my garage and pack a bowl and smoke it.
  3. good luck bro
  4. I'm so stoned it took me five minutes to write this correctly.
  5. I'm so stoned I had to laugh at that for 5 minutes before typing this.
  6. I'm faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaced.
  7. yesterday me and a friend got so stoned we made drum beats on our knees and started singing
    'humma humma hummm' over and over again until we both greened out really badly

    ...creepy day XD
  8. I'm so stoned I forgot I was typing this and went to get snacks and drinks
  9. come on man use the search button. there's already like 5 threads on this exact topic.
  10. Im supre stoned omg
  11. well i just grabbed mayonaise with my ranch and ketchup out of the fridge to go with my chicken strips and didn't realize it until i sat down. whoops
  12. im so stoned every taste is a taste

    a swallowment of sacrement.
  13. About to be, going to chill with this M I L F and smoke 2 fat blunts to the dome while at a park :)
  14. im so stoned i just ordered a pizza and it hasn't come yet

    its been 3 minutes, to long for a hungry stoner
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    I've never been this stoned before in my life. I'm feeling nauseous. I ate a little under 2g of ground great white shark in 2 firecrackers...

    I cannot really function very well.

    They were baked in organic fresh ground peanut butter(my grocery store has a peanut butter grinder for self serve organic PB), in between 2 graham crackers at 300 degrees F for 35 minutes, middle rack, wrapped tightly in foil. You must try it. 1 g of finely ground bud in each cracker, or 0.5 of dank. WARNING - Do not eat more than 2 of these.
  16. im so stoned i took the time to read this whole thread which was pointless

    get lifted

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