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    Great question... The craziest thing is, I was literally just thinking about this concept right before I clicked onto GC.

    But, yea, man... I picked the first answer; just cause it was more appropriate than the latter, even though I feel like it still doesn't thoroughly answer the question -- which deserves a more exact answer... Without the totality there can be no individual... so, if an individual (body) actually were to become an autonomous individual, he or she still cannot severe their ties with the foundation their being is grounded in -- it's still a little bit of both.

    "An inner, (subjective), process stands in need of outward, (objective), criteria."

    The totality begets an individual by congesting it with materials to work with... even though, the materials belong to the totality, the individual, mysteriously, can with enough mind power, retain and transmute these materials in order to for it stand as spirit (an autonomous individual) and not just a physical shell (a generic by-product of the totality) -- the answer is sort of a paradox.
  2. Although I'd love to think I'm an individual, I suspect that I'm totally "faking it." That's coz I'm beyond awkward. I need help.
  3. I think that since it's not known if there is a source or point that is the origin of everything , I think that we're concepts that emergent from the combined abilities of memory and consciousness. We don't seem to give something like lower . We don't intrinsically exist at all, but are concepts developed through the ability of self-awareness.
  4. spiritual beings on a physical journey
    or physical beings on a spiritual journey

    the answer


  5. The Buddher is strong with this one - or some other pun that vaguely references peanut budder in some way.

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