The Illuminati Got to Spongebob

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Guadalope, May 26, 2009.

  1. Simpsons did it

  2. That was one of the best episodes ever.
    "9-1-1 is for the regular people, if you want the real police, you call 7-1-1"

    Sorry. Off-topic I know. Just got a little nostalgic
  3. "Ssshhhhhut up....."

  4. You can say that about every cartoon ... ever.
  5. yeah i was gonna post simpsons but it happened like 14 years ago if my math is right
  6. I'm not following the logic of this thread... so a show had characters join a secret society meaning the illuminati is in on it? If that was even logical in anyway I'd have to wonder why they would be advertising secret societies especially considering you can't decide to join one on your own and you have to be invited.
  7. there are symbols and shit
  8. They left their mark all over it with the 'All seeing eye'

  9. haha every so often my minds starts drifting and thinking this shit is true until im just scrolling down and someone is like WTF and i completely snap out of it
  10. what if it IS true? there are so many possibilities, and every single one of them could be true. more importantly, though, why does it matter to us?

  11. the things i don't understand is they say that the govt is going to declare marshall law and disarm us and shit like that- but the thing is, is that I can't imagine our govt doing that- govt is made up of regular people... I just don't think it can be pulled off by such a small group at the top- i mean as soon as someone made the orders to go in and disarm us and put us in conecntration camps (i don't know much about the theories) the dude would just be like um no my fucking mom lives there or some shit- there isnt some line between govt and citizen

    if this posted is insanely uninformed and ignorant , feel free to flame
  12. mr krabs is so cheap!

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