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The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Pollution, Jan 6, 2013.

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    The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi

    ''''Muammar Gaddafi was fighting against the illuminati and the reason why he was killed is here!
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  2. yes... I also believe that Gaddafi was a much different man to what the media portrayed him to be. He truly seemed like a man of vision for the whole of Africa. I think he also kept the true oneness of God to every thought.

    - Komatic :wave:

  3. Gaddafi was a mass murderer..
  4. He did a lot of great things
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    Gaddafi was shit obviously

    He balled so hard look at him

    Nwo hoes strap up

  6. Which leaders were/are not mass murderers.All threw out history leaders have been building empires and stuff got messy. zThe question is have the next gen learned from it?
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    Reading the title I thought this was just another BS thread but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not true.

    The one thing about giving rebels the kind of support they require that really pisses me off is those weapons provided by America's money wind up being used against Americans eventually.

    If the illuminati did kill Muammar Gaddafi
    it wouldn't be the first leader on the world stage that they killed.

    Google presidential order 11110 & President Kennedy.

    They ofcourse don't pull the trigger themselves. Shit rolls downhill & in the case of Gaddafi world powers support & help stage a rebellion.

    In 1963 we had a palace coup here in America for Kennedy trying to end the Federal Reserve.

    And the liberals wonder why American's are buying guns hand over fist, lol
  8. deeze hoes won't hold me back
  9. and here come the rest of the conspiracy theorists...:hide:

  10. As if theorizing about conspiracies are a bad thing. Lolwtf. Some people always trying to demonize words like food stamps and tin foil hats.

  11. Thanks for posting.
  12. [quote name='"PuffPuffPasss"']

    Gaddafi was a mass murderer..[/quote]

    so is our leader...
  13. From H\Johnson on, they all have been.
  14. Do you actually think the owners of the federal reserve are going to let anyone interfer with the flow of their fabulous wealth? I mean were talking the richest people in the world.
    I suppose only Oswald shot Kennedy?
    Why do you suppose the Warren Commission sealed all of the recoirds for 100 years?
    Simply so no one who was alive at that time would still be alive when the records are unsealed.
  15. Regardless of when this video was produced, the fact that I'm watching it a few days after Al Jazeera paid 500 million to Al Gore for a struggling TV network, is bizarre.

  16. You can't really blame the feeble minded for not knowing any better,
    they have a neat little screen in their house telling them how to think.
  17. Dont support the brainwashed troops. They need to get back to reality. And this is World Wide. All humans are of the same species....
  18. Gadaffi killed his own people and was killed by his own people.. that would never happen in America.
  19. Úhh, Lincoln? Kennedy...?
  20. Assassination is different than a country uprising and killing their leader.

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