The Ideal Stoner Profession....?

Discussion in 'General' started by DaveJumpman, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm Dave I'm 20 and i've been known in my time to smoke a little weed now and then. I have just finished a diploma of film and television which is a course i would rather not return too. Instead i plan on going back to uni for a different profession ... or just getting a job somewhere that pays well.

    So my question to you guys is:

    "What is the ideal job for a stoner?"

    I don't mind if you have to go to uni for it or if you think it is just the local McDonald's but i'm at a point in my life where i could go many directions and hopefully the direction i go will mean i can make money (nothing huge just pay the bills and holidays to amsterdam now and then) and smoke a hell of a lot of weed and get away with it.

    TLDR: "What's a good job for Stoners?"
  2. i hear there's good money in prostitution
  3. find a good job you like, make it your career, continue to smoke weed.

    you can make any job into a good job for a stoner

  4. Perfectly stated! Though ideal for me, would be the guy on tv who goes to differenst states to taste their top restautants!!!
  5. Stage hand/roadie would be fun.

  6. That's true but I'm after a job where i could totally get away with smoking weed while doing it ... like a writer or a police officer
  7. Learn to blow glass, start a smoke shop. Or go to med school, diagnose yourself with anorexia, and get yourself that medical mary jane.

  8. Unfortunetly i live in Australia so Medical Mary Jane is not on the cards ... Does anyone here think they have the perfect job?
  9. growing marijuana for a dispensary.
  10. I'm actually getting my Bachelors in English Education. Thought a teacher would not be the best beginning salary at first, but after a while that figure goes way up. I really want to teach high school too, preferably freshman or sophomores.

    Then I'm considering getting my Masters in Education as well, then try to get an administration job for a school.

    That's just my plan for now. I think it going to be a fun ride for now, and the Teachers Union doesn't allow drug testing either. :hello:
  11. College RA

    You can nickname the dorms your in charge of "Weed Row" or "House of the Living herb"

  12. Writing for a newspaper.

    Sounds like a good deal.
  13. I'd become a grower, Go to Mendocino, Sonoma, Humbolte, or anywhere in Norcal, and get yourself a prescription, for whatever really.. you tell them your neck hurts they give you a script.. Then.. save up a little money and rent a house in May in the sticks, plant like 50 plants, even if you get a half a pound of each one that's 25 pounds.. sell each one for 2500.. That's 62,500, wait til next spring and do it again... Or go indoors for the winter and push out another 5-10 pounds of indo that would be worth another 20-40 thousand bucks... Plus, don't forget all this means an endless supply of dank you grew with your own hands.. and if you get good, quite a few opportunities await you, It's almost like being a rockstar... Hell, you'll probly meet some, and they'll love you.. ehehehe And of course you'd be in amsterdam and hawaii almost annually.. Just a thought.. That's what I'd do if I were a stoner.. ehehehehhhe
  14. i did a thread like this a few months back...the perfect stoner job...

    i said Call Center...down here in Oklahoma we get paid like 12-15 dollars a hr...and some dont even drug test...just get high and talk to people...real basic...u should look into it..

    or music of course..
  15. Lol at unemployed. But I would say the ideal job would be running a dispensary, a drug dealer, or a grower.

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