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  1. Now, I'm not trying to bitch or complain, it just seems Grasscity is evolving lately. Somewhat for the better, but its getting bad too. The same threads are posted multiple times daily. Michael Phelps this... my weed is laced that. I don't know what you can do or if there is anything to keep the duplicate topics to a minimum, but thats a big issue. Also, there are SO MANY new users every day, and so many new topics, stupid people posting stupid things, all the sections are just becoming a mess lately.

    I know theres not much admins or mods can do about any of these things, just thought if I brought some things up ideas might start floating around about fixing problems

    Other than these things though, I have nothing but love for GC. I've learned so much and got so much help here, I cant even begin to explain. Thanks to the mods/admins for keeping GC THE BEST m.j. forums out there
  2. if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.....

    well not exactly 100%, but you know what I mean. We evolve as well, mods and admin need time to adjust, it takes time to grow along with the inflow of members and post. Try to imagine the work to check 10.000 + daily new posts . We should need a digg/dugg system on threads, but we haven't ,may bein the future vbulletin will come up woth something, but for know, with this kind of forum you better get uses to sometimes doubole threads. Even I sometimes post something that already has been posted, people are well inforemd and you not always can see who posted already on a subject, in the end the most read and valuable threads stand out, because of replies and views. Other threads get burried.

    Bu hey all suggestions are welcome and i apprecaite it, turn to the other admins if you think you are made out of mod material....


  3. Thanks for replying, SJ.

    We'll get stricter on repeat threads and such. I just added 8 new Moderators at the first of the year and I've wanted them to get adjusted with life on the moderating side before going full force into everything. Overall, I think the whole crew is doing a great job.

    Just remember, per the comments of members, we'll be getting stricter. So, no one should freak out when things are deleted or members are banned.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Cool cool, like I said I don't know too much about all the business end stuff like the forum type and vbulletin and all that. But sounds like you guys are stepping up lol. There should be like a 1 min GC tutorial video that must be watched before becoming a member about searching and not being racist or posting messed up stuff.

    case in point:

    But I see that threads been closed and a bunch get moved/ closed every day so keep up the good work. Would hate to see such a good forum and something I use daily get swamped by new members and a million threads a day hahaha. we just hit 150k members!

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