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Discussion in 'General' started by Loki_Da_Ganja, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Greetings one and all from under the bed! :bongin:

    My name is Loki and this is my Idea Box, a place where I can share some of the numerous smoking creations and ideas that I have thought up in the time I've been smoking Marijuana. There are so many that I don't want to waste the site's memory talking about them in individual pages when I could simply make a thread to do all of that in. My whole goal is to discuss some of my experiments with other seasoned users so that I can further perfect them and maybe even just get the word around on a few. This could also be a place if anyone else comes up with a special sort of water-pipe or a new joint rolling technique that borderlines on Origami! Haha.

    Well if thats all taken care of, lets get going! ​

    ~ The Baseball Cap Dish~

    A few nights ago I found myself on a rare occasion where I didn't have a nice flat surface to break some weed apart on- and I needed it ground fine! So, whipping my hat (A cool black one with a Jester on it) off my head I mushed it in so that it formed a bit of a 'bowl' in which I could work out of; the only problem was that it was hard not to spill it that way and some of the weed stuck slightly to the material, so it was hard to get it all.

    Then recently an idea formed in my head. What if I were to line the inside of the hat with some nice and smooth material, like duct tape for example, in that manner that it would make a sort of "dish" that I could use whenever I needed? It would perfect! The duct tape would be flexible enough to put inside the hat that you wouldn't even feel or notice it and it would neither feel odd or make its outward appearance any at all weird or inconspicuous; you would'nt even see it!

    And best of all you wouldn't need all that much duct tape, maybe enough to make a circle inside the hat about five or so inches across, like a yamaka. It would be a great tool for any smoker on the go- especially if your in a car and don't want to spill anything using a cd case as tray. Admittedly it might make the hat start to smell of weed after awhile, but that could be fixed easily with a bit of Fabreez now and then or replacing the duct tape once in a while.

    Any thoughts?

  2. dude... whoa
  3. I should have probably mentioned I have a bad habit of saying alot at once without thinking. ^^;; I'll make my future posts shorter and more to the point, I was kinda stoned when I was typing. Haha, I think we all can relate there.
  4. heress an idea: get high :smoking:

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  5. i say this is a great post but i have to run to the comp every time i have a good idea. cuz i come up with a lot i just forget them next day hehe;)
  6. That's not a bad idea at all when you don't have anything else.


    Keep Token!
  7. ive had a few good ideas here and there. and for the most part, some really stupid ones that seem to make sense when im high.
    but none worth posting on this forum, seeing there all kinda....not good.
  8. Why not just use a regular dish? Eh, fuck it...I like the idea. Welcome to GC.
  9. K, I know I've been a bit of a ghost for the past few days- I'm currently visiting my Dad in Oregon and sorta...forgot about this forum. ^^;; Sue me.

    Thanks for the comments thus far, good to see that my hat idea hasn't been burned as badly as I'm starting to think it deserves. Here's another little trick of mine that I really think you guys might like, seriously, try it out the next time you light up and tell me you don't think its a serious piece of wicked awesome. Came up with it one day smoking a cigar and drinking a pop.


    Here's what you need:
    1. Something to smoke out of (Joint, blunt, bowl, bong, etc...)
    2. Something to DRINK, anything- I personally like orange juice.

    Okay, this is the basic procedure. You take a sip of your drink but don't swallow it, keep it in your mouth. Then you tilt your head down, lips together to keep from drooling whatever it was you have to drink from spilling all over your lap, and take a hit of whatever your prefered smoking tool is. Its a little tricky to do at first, but if done correctly the smoke will BUBBLE up through the liquid in your mouth before passing into your lungs. Similiar to how a bubbler or bong works! You can spit it out the liquid or swallow it (Hehe), doesn't matter- I don't want to start up a debate about drinking bong-water.

    Now, you might be wondering, what the hell are the benefits of gargling? Well...
    1. Cools down the smoke so its less harsh, allowing for better hits.
    2. Filters out tar.
    3. Helps the taste should your herb be particularly nasty.
    4. Completely. Eliminates. Cotton-mouth!

    Haha, just thought I'd put this one up. TRUST ME, you'll love it.​
  10. you truly are a master genieus man plus rep
  11. that's pretty cool dude, but I'd be afraid of choking on my drink. And as cool as it would be to be found dead next to a pipe and orange juice..
  12. Haha, thanks dude. Work out any good for ya?
  13. I can't think of a time that I was jonesing THAT bad for a flat surface.
    There's almost always one around.
    El baseball capo would never fit on my head.
  14.'s another gadget people seem to always enjoy at gatherings, or by yourself if your just bored and smoking. Thought someone might like it.

    ~Vortex Pipe~​

    What you need:
    1. Something to smoke.
    2. The plastic tube that comes with those gas-station cigars. (Dutch masters, Swisher XL's, White Owl XL's, etc.)
    3. Knife, or a lighter. I use both.

    K...take the tip of the knife and make a fairly large sized hole on the rounded end of the cigar tube, about 1/4"-3/8" across, picking off the little bits of plastic shavings that might cling to it as you do. Once its done, give the hole a good pass over with a lighter to make the edges nice and smooth- you don't really have to do this but I do to give it a better look.

    Once its done, take a hit of whatever your smoking (Blunts work better, joints too) and inhale the smoke slightly into your lungs while keeping some in your mouth. Placing the cigar tube to your lips, the rounded end you'd just put a hole in, exhale in small tufts through it. You may need to adjust how hard you exhale but it doesn't require very much effort, but if done correctly you will be able to produce perfectly round smoke rings about the size of a person's fist that drift nicely across the room or into your friends face, depending on where you aim it.

    Happy smoking...​
  15. Ideas and conversation for Seasoned Smokers might fit better in the Seasoned Smokers forum, just an idea.

    Some interesting ideas you have though.
  16. Oh, thanks man. Do you think you could move it there for me if you happen to be a Mod by chance?
  17. No I'm not a mod. If you ask SUPER nicely and PM ReformMaryJaneLaws, My Fax, Anony, or igotthecottons. They might do it for you.
  18. Gargling...'re a fuckin' genius.
  19. this is less brilliant ideas and more things you eventually do while smoking least to me.

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