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  1. hey everyone well 2 weeks ago me and 2 friends who have never smoked weed decided to try it and we got really really really really high. So we decided to get some food, we chose to go to the corner store so as we were walking there was a full main road there and we waited at the crossing and my friend who was on a bike was really hungry and we all were in a rush anyway we heard the crossing light sound and we thought it was the one to cross the road. My friend lets call him jay was riding across the main big as road and fucking we didn't know that it was the crossing light on the other side of the road that sounded not the one where we were heading to.

    Luckily i realized that it was not our crossing sound thing and i fucking saved his life i was like ''JAY FUCK NO STOP DUDE FUCKING STOP! WRONG CROSSING'' and a fucking car nearly misses him if he didnt stop who knows what would have happened. The person in the car was saying shit to him hahaa.

    point is that was scary as fuck and i kinda saved his life.

    who else has got good stories?

    OH BTW 420 POST!:hello:
  2. u were high? and doing stupid shit? get outta here...
  3. what do you mean...
    my friend was the idiot haha. it was his first time

  4. I was at a beach in Ocean City NJ when I was 14 or so.
    I was making a sand castle, and there was a toddler, no more than 2-3 years old playing in the waves near me. Now this was a crowded beach, so I figured his mother was around and watching him, so I wasn't really payint attention.

    I continue to build my creation, and casually would look back every so often.
    Next thing I know the kid's in the damn water, getting pulled in by the waves. I jumped up and grabbed him by his shirt/overall type looking thing, and pulled him out of the water. His mother came running to me, and couldn't stop thanking me in some forigen language. Damn man, she needed to be paying better attention. I saved that kids life, because I was literally the only one who saw it happen.
  5. one time when i was like 9 years old i had two of my friends over and we were playing video games and got an idea to have a water balloon fight. Well one of my friends mom was bitching saying he couldn't stay for the water balloon fight. I ended up telling him shit to say to get her to give in to him. She eventually did and when he got picked up and they were driving home they got hit on the driver's side by an 18 wheeler. His mom called my mom saying if he hadn't gotten wet from the water balloon fight he wouldn't have sat in the front seat to dry off better and he would have been sitting behind his mom and would probably not have survived.

    i think that counts.
  6. I guess so yesterday. my and my friend got blazed and went to his house which is on the side of a highway type road so we parked along side. i got out and walked up ahead while he was lighting a cig or something and opened the door which was right sticking out in middle of the road when a big semi was coming. I just started freaking out and told him to shut the door fast and the semi almost clipped it. I guess that counts
  7. My friend overdosed on heroin in front of me and I watched him die. He was lifeless, his face was blue, and he wasn't breathing. There was no way he would be saved if I called 911, because it would take too long for the bus to get there and then head to the hospital. I took matters into my own hand and dragged him to my car and went 100mph running red lights (don't worry I looked both ways) and got him to the hospital. Doc said that if it were a few minutes later his brain would have been starved of oxygen for so long he would have been brain dead. He survived, thank god! Scariest moment of my life.
  8. I was in downtown Chicago one time when a lady was taking a picture with a Cubs player on State Street. What she didn't realize is that her toddler was pushing his little sister, who was in a stroller, down the sidewalk. Well the little kid lost control of the stroller and it sped down a wheelchair ramp into the street. Without even thinking I sprinted across the street and grabbed the stroller. Luckily, the light a block away was red, so the traffic was about 15 seconds behind when I grabbed it. The mom was balling lol, and gave me a huge ass hug and everything. This cop wanted to call the local news so I could be on TV, but my parents were like naw lol. I was only 14 at the time.

    Thats the best/most interesting one I got.
  9. i saved this kid one time when i was a sophomore in high school

    i had a party at my house and this kid got entirely to wasted, i hooked up with the girl he wanted to get with and he just got really upset and was crying in my room

    i went in and talked to him and he started telling me about how he planned on killing himself and that he has a note that he wrote out to explain it to his parents and shit

    he just looks at me weird and was like "im sorry man, im sorry...." and i could just tell by the way he was acting he was gonna do something

    welll my window has 3 layers of it, 1 thin glass window, 1 aluminum screen, and 1 thick glass

    only the thin glass of the window was down at the time

    he ran and pretty much dove out of the window, but since i was planning on something happening i was able to grab his legs before he got out and pulled him back in

    he collapsed on the floor and blood was coming out of a bunch of different tiny cuts and his dad came and picked him up.. he blew a .22 in the emergency room and his dad personally thanked me for saving his sons life 2 days later.
  10. holy shit guys all of these storys are quality shit.
  11. my friend almost touched a live power wire. I pulled him down before he could hit it though.
  12. About 9 months ago my best friend was on a 300 dollar a day addiction to OC's. He had mad bills due and absoluty no money to pay for it. Needless to say he was heading down the wrong path. Well eventually I got so sick of his shit I went to his mom for help. She got him into a rehab and he has been clean ever since. Everyday he thanks me for what I did.
  13. Can't really say I've saved anyones life but that was a good thing to do man nice job. :hello:

  14. on the flip side, if she picked up before the fight, there would have been no truck, and with no truck, no accident :D

    but i'm glad he wasn't hurt.
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    Personally, I have nothing. However, a few months ago one of my friends tried salvia for the first time, and two other friends of mine were trip-sitting for him. Well, at the apex of his high, he ran into his kitchen and grabbed a knife. He tried to cut his own arm off, but the two other guys were able to stop him and get the knife away from him

    He told them later that he thought his arm was on fire
  16. he's a bright one.

    I've seen my neighbors child fall out of the second story window before, landed in some bushes because she was trying to hang out the window.

    but i didn't do anything... i was like 6 years old at the time and so was she, that's just a good story.
  17. Yeah but if he just went home when he was supposed to go home he would have never been at the time and place to be hit.

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