The I.R.S.

Discussion in 'General' started by patriot, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. Put this together and it spells "theirs." I hate paying taxes to a government that persecutes people for using plants that come from the Lord.
  2. I feel ya man. Just did mine today (I'm always late on doing my taxes) and I owe the government $501 because my work is not taking out the proper amount of money they should. I had everything right on my w-2. So I'm going to going in there tomorrow and give them an ear full. I'm pissed I was planning on using that money to pay off a bill so I can go see my little sister graduate and visit my family. So a big f*uck you to the IRS.
  3. Shit Phishhead i feel your anger, just go down and tell them to go fuck them selves.

  4. I had to pay taxes this year and i got money back. It all sux and ive heard that i wont be able to have social security when im at the age to collect, so im paying it now for ?

  5. If you owe money, don't sign the form. This falls under the 5th amendment-self incrimination. They can't do a thing. I hate the withholding also. I support and vote Libertarian because they want to do away with income tax and privatize Social Security. Anybody interested? Go to Oh yeah, they want to do away with the prohibition. I am an executive member of our local chapter. You can connect all the way down to your local chapter from National site. Definitely got my vote.

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