The 'I need some sex' thread...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by smoke_circleX, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Just stopped a year long relationship and now I think I'm going through sex withdrawals.
    I don't want to just go sleep with some random dude, but I'm getting to the point that I think about sex way too often in my day.

    It's becoming more of a habit that when I see attractive men, I picture them naked.

    Sometimes I feel like a guy...
  2. I know what your talkin about.. unfortunately..

    I was goin out with a girl for three years..

    i havent got any for almost a year now..
  3. Bummer.

    I guess I consider myself fortunate.
  4. I've never really felt like that, but I've never really had anything to "gain" from it until now. ;)
  5. Just got out of a relationship myself not too long ago. It is indeed tough, I'll agree.

    Masturbation is great, but has that twang of "damn" when I think about how I had the real thing on tap. Well, not on tap, really. My girlfriend wasn't really all that sexual, come to think if it...

    Know what I'd like to have more than anything lately? Sex in the morning, just as I wake up next to a beautiful naked woman. ;)
  6. rub one out, girl! :smoke:
  7. ha ha true that.
    I'm also in need of sex! :(
  8. i recently went nearly a year without sex. but then about a month ago, i had sex... and got myself a boyfriend.
    however, by the time i have sex again, it'll be three weeks since i last got some. fml!
  9. Your showerhead could become your new best friend, if it's detachable and has the right settings ;)
  10. i havent had sex in 3 months... after the second month i didnt realy need sex, but now its just ugh
  11. i love how girls in real life will never admit to you they need sex. but on the internet they will.....
  12. I need some sex. I just moved away from where my girlfriend lives, so I've been sex starved for about a month. Ahhhhhh
  13. Well im sure posting on grass city will help your sex problem immensly.
  14. I love girls who love sex.
  15. I already feel I've exhausted my mastubatory options. If feels so nice, but it's nothing like the real thing.
    Especially wake up sex. Man, that's the best. When the guy is rocked up and it's the best way to start the day...OY.
  16. I could go for some sex right about now
  17. I think you missed my post up there. :rolleyes:
  18. I will admit it. Ive told many of my guy friends lately that i need to get laid.

    Which i really need some sex. I went from sex daily with my ex, no none for like six months now. Ugh...
  19. I was with this guy for the past 6 months and now we arent seeing eachother anymore. I havent had sex in a month and it is driving me crazy. I think about sex like a guy and going from having amazing sex anytime I wanted to not having sex at all really sucks.:devious:
  20. I'm in about a 6 month drought after a 5+ year relationship. My 2nd longest drought after this one I am currently in was only a month. For a while I wasn't looking for any new ass, but I've just found my standards dropping. Just until I get out of the drought then I'll try to scale them back up, haha.

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