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The "I Miss Sex" Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Royksopp, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. yeah nor cal is a really sexy name.

    nor cal baby, nor cal. *purr* :rolleyes:
  2. lol. i forgot to put my real name in my post, which btw is Cody:)
  3. I'd rep you, but I can't so here's the "I lol'd" statement instead:D

  4. Next time i have sex i'll keep you in mind. :love:

    Hahahaha, that is fucking hilarious.
  5. *Tyke to his wife*

    "Come on babe, hop in the sack. You gotta take one for Tha Professor."
  6. Ya I definitely miss it. I've only had sex with one girl, my ex, and we often did it multiple times a day, so I really miss it. That ended a year and a half ago though :( We hooked up again during the summer for some friends with benefits action, but it got complicating...

    She was relatively quiet during sex, she thought it was weird to make noises, and tried not too. I'm curious to see how other women respond... But that won't be for a while :( unless it happens while I'm backpacking around Europe.

  7. Holy shit, my sex drive has returned with a vengeance!

    I'm day 9 clean from oxy today, and for the last year or so I was using I couldn't be bothered with sex. Now that I'm clean I really wish I wouldn't have passed on so many opportunities, or nodded out before we could begin.

  8. *Girlys to the Mr.*

    "Sweetheart, take me to sexytown and show me around. I need Tha Professor to remember this one."
  9. I thought the prof had a gf?
  10. most guys would bone any half-way decent girl in a heartbeat, can you imagine if most girls were equally as horny?

    its been 8 months and i might have to call up that fat chick..
  11. The world would grind to a halt :)
  12. Man, you guys are too good to me. Where else but Grasscity would I get such positive support.

    P.S. Just discovered tears of self loathing work great for lubricant.
    Who knew?
  13. I've been longin to give a poundin
  14. Dude, after I don't know how many months I finally got some today. So happy. And it's good that I got some today because after Saturday, we can't until late August. =[
    I missed it so much.
  15. .... :cry:.

    yep, that'd be my pussy crying.. hard.
  16. i miss sex, sure. i mean i watch a lot of porn all the time, but it isnt the same.

    what i miss even more than sex though is just hanging out.. going out to eat, going shopping, going to the movies... things like that.

  17. i always miss sex, even when im having sex i think about havin

    does that mean i have a problem?? ;)

    sex is part of a healthy lifestyle, remember that
  18. i would probably have a LOT more opportunities if id just go after these dumbass (wigger) sluts that seem to inhabit my entire area, but theyre SO fucking stupid (and fake (and annoying)) for the most part that i cant bring myself to be around anyone like that. i just cant deal with fake people so i just dont have much contact at all. and all the girls i seem to kind of like are all taken, and happy for the most part so i dont really want to ruin what they have going on.

    it sucks but i refuse to change.

  19. That is awesome dude! Keep it up :D

    Lucky you!!

    Yes, mine has been crying for a while now. I feel your pain, GG :(

    Anyone in this thread forget what sex was like? Or am I the only unfortunate soul? :laughing: :eek:

    Oh yeah and who knows if July is happening....might have to hit up one of the Jersey Shore guidos in South Beach I saw Saturday :(
  20. no dont worry, your not the only one. its been over a yr since ive gotten any ahhhhh. its terrible. i was soo close to a couple weeks ago, then her friends came over....on 4 fucking 20 too!!

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