The "I Miss Sex" Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Royksopp, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Does anyone else feel like they're being mocked while watching porn?

    These "stud's" couldn't bring a gal to an orgasm even if their lives depended on it,
    yet these guys are getting some at various points throughout a single day.

    Porn surpasses being ridiculous, to the point where it's just inevitably become laughable.
    Sex isn't suppose to follow some drawn-out and repetitive formula that
    we've all seen time after time after time. Well, at least making love isn't.
    I suppose that's what it really comes down to, I just don't find sex appealing unless there's some form of raw and genuine passion involved. Otherwise it just bores me to tears.
  2. you actually made the smart choice. one night of fun can result in a lifetime of responsibilities.
  3. yeah I guess. but there is always the morning after pill........ considering she would agree to take it.....

    but I feel so stupid I had the chance to have sex with her and I didn't bring condoms lol.

    she even told me " I thought all guys carry condoms always"


    now i'm going to be a 25 year old virign :(
  4. ^Stop self-loathing and go get some punani!


    I really can't watch porn for the mere fact that 99.99% of the girls are ugly, with one exception; Naomi Russell.. oooh that ass. :smoking: Which is why I have ventured into hentai... it's definitely less corny, and more fun to watch. :D
  5. Shits weak when your bf lives in another country so you barely see each other. When you do it's awesome 'cause you're together 24/7 for like a week...makes it so much harder being apart again though after you get used to daily sex! Ahh I can't wait till summer :smoking:
  6. you guys need to find underground porn :laughing:
    for real though it's all about like homemade videos and shit. although there are some pretty awesome professional scenes.

    believe me i hate most porn too. but theres a ton of good shit
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    I watch amateur....hate that fake porn shit. Ugly over tanned bitches with ugly extensions and you can see their god damn implants when they are bouncing their ridiculous silicon chest bags up and down. That really bothers me, and they sound so fake. "Ohhh baby yeah your cock feels so good :| "
  8. You mean like the cartoons...?
  9. Yeah, let's emphasize some more on that facial expression. ":|"

    Yeah dude, like the cartoons; they're not actually 'cartoons' though. @_@
  10. I miss fucking my girlfriend who still lives with her parents and they hate that she gave up her virginity to me, so im being cock blocked by the parents.
  11. Uh, well they obviously couldn't stop you the first time. So how are they cock-blocking you, now?

    Unless.. She's wearing this:

  12. =(

    fuck this thread
  13. ...... :(+:mad:+:cry:+:devious: = FUCK THIS SHIT.
  14. the first time(first 3 months we dated) her parents didnt know we were fucking every day so they allowed her to come to my crib. Untill they found out no parents are here and she had been having sex with me every day for the past 3 months, now they wont allow her to see me untill she gets a job. And if she doesn't abide by their rules, she cant live with them. So :\

  15. So when she becomes employed, her parents will deem her fuckable on a daily basis again..?

    I think I'm missing something here..
  16. Le sigh... It's kinda been a while for me... Missin it. :(

    It's all good though. Plenty of fish in the sea, so it shouldn't be too long. :devious: :D
  17. I miss sex a lot. :( Hopefully very, very soon.
  18. You guys I feel you.

    I just had sex this afternoon. BUT keep in mind I kept each and everyone of you in my head:)

    Hang in there guys


  19. That makes me feel better, for some reason.
  20. Next time you have sex with your woman, make her say my name.:D

    jp man...but serioulsy, do it!

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