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The "I Miss Sex" Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Royksopp, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. I don't know when the next time will be. That is all.
  2. nvm wrong thread
  3. I do miss sex. :(
  4. How pathetic could a flesh light be?

    I mean in all seriousness...
  5. No worse than a girl having a dildo.
  6. I'm sorry but rofl
  7. asdfghjkl;'

    haven't gotten laid since august...hurtin' for a squirtin' over here lmao not in so many words, but yeahhh.
  8. Ugh, wtf. It feels like weeks and it's only been 2 days. :(

  9. You whore, at least you're getting some. :laughing:
  10. I feel sorry for all you ladies :(

    If you are in the nor cal area and looking for a nice respectable guy who is a 'man on the streets and a freak in bed' :p then look no further.

    In all seriousness, I would like to help everyone out on this thread. It seems we all want the same thing, but just can't have it at the moment for one reason or another.
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    For real, its been awhile for me... at least since I had anything "regular". Man I need to get on that..

    if that's you in your profile pic.. uh.... how YOU doin'? :D
  12. Haha welll... if thats you in your avatar.... how are you doing? ;)

    I see you are from San Jose. I live right over the mountains north east from you in the Central Valley.

    Im glad to see that there are some 'locals' representing after all.
  13. So that's where all the good looking guys are.. Damn.... :smoking:
  14. Yup Over the hills and far away... well not that far away :smoke:
  15. Bump. God have mercy on our souls lol.
  16. smoke and poke buddy where are you?
  17. I'm lacking boom boom pow, lately.
  18. True.

    After months of celibacy, my barrier is beginning to break down.. :(
  19. i haven't had sex since october. but i have yet to experience sex with someone i truely care for, and thats what i it will be quite a while before i have sex again i suppose.
  20. lol this is sad but i'm 24 turnign 25 in july and i'm still a virgin.

    I had a chance to have sex 2 months ago with my now ex girlfriend but that night I didn't have a condom lol, yeah i know i'm so stupid. after my ex gf broke up with me I found out she wanted to have sex with me that night (her friend told me).

    anyways I was so stupid I just got her naked and had no condoms so i just got to finger her lol and giver her oral and she liked it.

    she was a virgin too......... man i feel so dumb now.

    I feel so awkward beign almost 25 and a virgin and i'm not ugly or weird or creepy. i'm just not very social and a hermit so I don't get many chances to meet girls, I don't even have guy friends right now so I don't meet anyone.

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