The "I Miss Sex" Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Royksopp, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. About 7 months without sex, but there have been a few hookups here and there.

    Buuuut, I'm kinda workin' on this one girl now... want that V-card. :p
  2. I lost my v card in early March. I had sex last thursday and I feel like I need it more than ever even though i went without it for 19 years :rolleyes:

    My ex gf now fuck buddy lives 2 hrs away in sf so if I want sex I hafta drive 4 hrs round trip.

    Lately i've been going every week though :p lol

    I don't wanna see what will become of me once this litle stint ends. :(
  3. man i miss sex for rizzle... i don't even think i miss sex i just miss licking pussy mainly...

  4. See, I never really liked sex before i got with this guy. I never had an orgasm before, so why would i?

    But anyway, i used to say to him, "The first guy who is able to give me an orgasm get's a high five." Then one night, it happened and right after, while i was still naked, I got up and gave him a high five. I already felt so comfortable with him and he just laughed.

    Now, i can't get enough sex, almost every single time we have sex i have a VERY good time and when he's gone masturbating just doesn't cut it. I need the guy i love to get the job done right.

    Yoiu'll find someone soon, Soap.

    And Stickey, I never knew you were such a sexual deviant. ;) :p

  5. My bf says the same thing :D lucky me!

  6. what can i say, even the shyest of men have are things..
  7. It's been way too long, I definitely miss sex. lol
  8. Girly, I'm still mad jealous that you got an orgasm.. LOL

    Still waiting on my man-produced orgasm :D
  9. im married. nuff said.

  10. this is why you have to go with the quiet ones, they don't need to brag....
  11. i have a vague memory of what sex is, but its been so long i cant really recall the feeling...
    once you say i do, she starts saying i dont.
  12. Oh god this last 72 hours has been difficult:(
  13. I don't miss sex when I'm sober, but the second I get high I become like, so beyond uncomfortably horny, like I need to fuck. straight up. I's been 3 months...=/
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    Tell him to jank it on a more regular basis ;)

    Sorry you all aren't getting any, btw

    Nick out :hippie:
  15. I would happily donate so dick/vagina do anyone if I could (I'm not bi, just willing to fuck/willing to give away a percentage of ass I get). I'm actually tired of sex, it just gets old and any girl around the area I live in isn't as kinky as I like :eek:
  16. I hope I get some soon.
    After this month we won't be able to until about September because of the pregnancy and healing afterward and all.

    Wonder if he'd be up to coming to get me later today...

  17. Wha-wha-what!
  18. Rounding a year in june. Not looking too good either. Last person i liked is now dating my best friend:( Ive given up on trying, if it happens it happens, if not there is always Aurora:ey::ey: jk jk
  19. Cant say I miss sex, I got a sexy freaky girl. Damn it was like a waterpark last night. Fuuuckkk.

  20. Whattt?

    No mans ever given you an orgasm. whackkkk. Im a weird guy I guess, I love pleasin my girl and giving her intense orgasms she starts wiggling and shaking i gotta hold her down.

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