The "I Miss Sex" Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Royksopp, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. I wish I could have sex with a girl...Man that would be so awesome. I don't even remember the last time I had sex. It'd be like losing my virginity all over again, I even forgot what a vagina feels like.

    god, I'm lonely. I should get a girlfriend so she can start straightening my life out.
  2. 2 years for me! haha Its getting old im tired of being single but its hard to find a decent chick i can stand for more than just a one night thing lol O well, shit happens!
  3. Last time I had sex was about 2 weeks ago.... But I deserve to post in this thread because it was with a fuck buddy.. I want to have sex with someone I actually have strong feelings for.. I miss that:(
  4. i dont know about you guys in here but a b job is just as good as sex (if she's good) at least to me...but it's been at least 5 months..i'm starting to lose track it's been so long :(
  5. Dude, I totally understand that. I've blowin off so many girls. Than the one time I did try I got fucked is a muthafuka.
  6. @See Emily Play - I talk to girls about this all the time. They're always like, "Ghost ,I have this guy I don't even really like that doesn't even really care about me, but I figure it's better than being alone." Then the guy goes on to find a girl he actually likes and they feel hurt, even though they knew it didn't mean anything...And no matter how much they feel that way, they always find themselves in the same situation over again. On the one hand, I feel like at a certain point you have to take responsibility and just quit doing that. On the other hand, you start wondering if you're ever even going to meet someone that you really love and you start doubting if love exists or if everyone in love around you is just lying to themselves....Then you look at your white widow plants growing in the corner and remember that yes...yes, love does exist, hahahaahah. Anyway, you know what I mean.
    P.S. quote in your sig---"Talkin' shit about a pretty sunset...blanketin' feelings that I'll probably regret soon."

    @Soapman - My god, that is so effin' sad. I wish I could help cheer you up by sharing a big fatty (as in a blunt, not a woman) with you and jam out to some tunes. -passes digital blunt- Where are all the hot stoner chicks when you need them? Do those only exist on trendy t-shirts made in Cali?

    @Royksopp - You are a great girlfriend. It makes me happy to remember that people like you exist and will wait for their boyfriends to come back. Fuck yea. +Awesome.
  7. Too bad everyone in this thread can't find a strategically located Holiday Inn, rent a few rooms, and have a hook up / smoke out bash.
  8. I was told the ice cream aisle of the local grocery stores around midnight.

  9. haha just have a fat orgy! that will solve all our problems :smoking:
  10. Ugh, it's been 3 days and I'm dying, i can't imagine how some of you guys feel.

    I have quite the appetite for the sex.
  11. soon enough :devious::rolleyes:
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    Originally Posted by GirlyS
    Ugh, it's been 3 days and I'm dying, i can't imagine how some of you guys feel.

    Thanks for recognizing how hard it is to be a guy. Pun intended.:p
  13. HOLY SHIT. This thread is perfect for me and my nymphomatic self right now.

    My boyfriend is currently in Nicaragua visiting his family for 6 months.. Not only am I missing him to death (and his gorgeous eyes :)), Im also missing the amazing sex we had to calm my ever-so-horny libido.

    ughh, it's been a few months already. I miss him.
  14. its been ~ 28 months for me.

    what the fuck.

  15. Oh hush, you'll get some as soon as your man comes back. :)

    I don't even remember what sex feels like anymore :( now THAT is sad.
  16. I used to :(. I remember I used to have sex all the time....Now, now I don't have sex at all. I figure this is the worlds way of balancing out the fact I used a lot of girls and cheated on my girlfriend more times than she deserved or knows about :devious:. So really I'm okay with it. For now.

  17. you should straighten your life out first, then get a girlfriend. straighting your life out is _your_ job, buddy ;)
  18. Word on that. Otherwise yeah, not related to that quote but my gf lives 1.5 hrs away and we both go to school so we see each other once a sucks. I feel cut off from the source with the inability to get anything else:mad:.........except for internet :)
  19. Havent gotten laid in 2 weeks. G/f stayed over all weekend too but she got a visit from that pesky aunt that comes every month. Oh well Ill see her on Thursday and I plan on going thru like 6 condoms :devious:
  20. I have...My life is fine, it's just when I have a girlfriend in my life is usually better in one way or the either, cause I learn things from her.

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