The "I Miss Sex" Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Royksopp, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. For those of us that are tortured by our hormones on a daily basis and can't have sex for whatever reason....this thread is for us. :eek: lol
  2. This is the worst thread ever. I'm kidding, but it does strike a cord considering it's almost two and a half years since I've really got to have sex.. I miss it as if it was a dead relative(I kid)

    Fucking hate not getting off with somebody just as willing. I miss sex :(
  3. Finally got some blowjobs not too long ago after 2+ years of no sexual contact. Better than nothing. Especially when they swallow.
  4. mmm, i got this fine girl, was a virgin all through highschool, we graduate in 20 days,(both 18), and her super catholic parents found out I took her v card and now they wont let her see me untill the end of school and untill she gets a job! YAY FOR NO SEX. FUCK MY LIFE
  5. havent gotten any since new years... how sad
    and i probably wont be getting any soon
  6. I have to wait until July...:(

    Haven't had sex since early January of 2009.....*hits head against keyboard* rgihaRGvur
  7. damn 2 years you guys need to pluck a dirty girl off myspace lol. im so tired of it tho seems like theres an abundance of hoez and no clean wholesome pplz to be found
  8. i know what your sayin tbone. shit sucks its been a yr for me..and even then it was dirty girl..tryin to find a good one..shit yeah right
  9. No, I've got a girl and she hasn't checked in her V-Card. I'm being patient because of the surrounding situations with the both of us, but at the same time my dick wants itself wet. I don't want it wet usually, It Does! That's how fucking bad it is, my Dick is telling me to literally fuck off and get some. Shit ain't right man. I think I'm being a little too nice and letting time fly by here.

  10. Bf is coming here in July.

  11. I <3 girls like you who actually wont run arround and fuck guys while their boyfriend is away, like I cant see my girl for atleast a month, im not gonna break up with her or cheat, thats petty. i lived 15 years without pussy i can live a month. maybe 2. I just want some pussy though... i do. ahh
  12. Ahh.. I rarely get sex as often as I'd like.... boys are too irritating and flaky... want to punch them.
  13. I couldnt ask a girl to wait on me for any more than a month or two, as I can't see myself going that long myself. Props to royk tho, atleast your being true to the guy. Sounds like he'll get one hell of a homecoming bash.

  14. same here dude. i've gotten a couple bj's here and there but nothing close to pussy. guess my game ain't that good. hahaha
  15. it gets harder and harder yet we push on. it has to change soon, so here's a toast to the inevitable factor of change - may you visit us soon.

    and another for all of us.

    and a fattie just because... :smoking:
  16. We never get any alone time when we actually get to see each other, so I'm not even sure when we last had any. =[
  17. grr i hear ya everyone. things will get better (or so they say)
  18. I'm 20, I haven't gotten pussy since 18. That was until my group played our first show, I now know a couple of groupies. Sex anytime. Hang in there yall ;)

  19. Thanks :) I've never cheated in a relationship. I haven't had sex since January of 2009 and though my hormones are killing me inside and my bf is out of reach that doesn't mean I'm gonna run around and sleep with people. If I wanted to do that I wouldn't be in a relationship. But yeah, of course I'm probably as bad as a guy at this point (thinking about sex every 5 seconds) but I think I can wait a few more months. He has no idea what he has waiting for him in July, hooray :)

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