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The "I miss GC Singles" Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MasterXen, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. 115Pages, in just a few days

    I miss you GC Singles thread :(

    You gave me so much more meaning to my life!
  2. I lol'd when I saw this.... rip gc singles thread...

  3. Hehehe, well duuh. Nothing can compare to how awesome that thread turned out :smoke:
  4. Kind of sucky some rules are..

  5. why did it get shut down.. they shut down my cut a BITCH thread too...

    I can't even imagine why.........
  6. I also miss that thread. It was like an old friend, with pics of cute girls, good friends, fun, love, fun.

    EDIT: I deleted the LOL I put at the end, it was too much.
  7. because violence is against the rules.. GC sinles got shut down cause it was tuning into a chat thread. i knew it was gonna get shut down a couple days ago when it turned into that i was just wondering when haha

  8. I guess that means we just have to hookup with each other. No talking, just business. ;)
  9. :devious: let's do it !!!!
  10. The new one, will be closed.
  11. #11 Wellthatsgroovy, Jan 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 9, 2012
    I don't understand the whole chat thread thing blah blah blah why do they shut it down if it's a chat thread... I really don't understand the motivation there.... well anyway why doesn't someone just start an unofficial chat spot for GC ???

    edit: and I was being facetious I know why they shut down my thread and that's fine hahaha I was seriously so angry I just needed to get it out for a minute... ;) Bitch takes her sociopathic identity too far.

  12. Most likely

    I laughed when you said the title of your thread haha, take out all you need to in this thread :wave:
  13. dove dark chocolate is good
  14. it was a great thread. I put my sister on blast for all of her horrible shit... were you there ? and hey MasterX im in Dallas too ! :) anyway I put her on blast cause shes a crack ho who steals from my sons and etc etc etc anyway ended up posting pics of her in there and everyone said she looked like a tranny LOL

  15. This thread is about dove dark chocolate, and GC singles. Problem solved.

    What are you guys doing right now? I'm eating dove dark chocolate, and about to do some work. I love dove. Do you?
  16. wtf lol sorry guys.

    Edit: i don't get the chat part....all the threads on this board are talking back and forth to each other.
  17. a chat thread is something that degrades into a conversation with no real topic. there is a chat thread stickied in the General section, that is the only one that is allowed.
  18. I get it now I could not get on here for a couple of days and missed the violence part.
  19. Haha the singles thread worked out for some people the way it was meant to :)

    I love Texas people, all so friendly :D

  20. I don't think there was any violence in the singles thread, it was just becoming a really really really big pointless thread.

    Kinda like this one will probably be. But probably not too big :p

    Sorry MasterXen :)
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