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  1. Okay so basically anything crazy that happened to you after you took another hit even though you knew you shouldn't have.

    Some friends and me where all hanging, drinking and smoking and we saw a commercial on TV for Airheads trampoline arena and it looked awesome. To top it off they we're having an adult club night! So we drink some more and roll one hell of a blunt.
    We all start tokin on this blunt and I'm blazed as fuck. I knew I shouldn't have but I took a nice long hit. Damn did I get fucked up. I woke up in the hospital with a broken hand and just getting done having my stomach pumped. Cray shit

    Awesome Opossum

  2. LOL this just reminded me of a funny ass story.
    Me and my friend were smoking from his bubbler in a tree in high school. (I was a freshman he was a sophomore, but that doesnt matter)
    He says: yo we are almost done wanna help me finish these 2 bowls? u 1 me 1?
    Me: Dude I would luv to but I am simply just too high
    We were about 2 stories off the ground in the tree.
    So my friend finishes 1 bowl.
    Him: Dude im really high please help me finish this last bowl 
    Me: No man its hard enuf for me to think straight thats how high i am
    Him: just take a few hits
    Me: Ok
    We have about 2 hits left on the bowl
    Me: just finish it
    Him: If I take another hit ima pass out u finish
    Me: Naw man I cant just finish it homie (kinda irritated at this point)
    Him: k chill I will its just weed man calm down.
    He takes 1 hit, looks at me, then procedes to pass out and fall out the tree
    The funniest part is he said ouch as he was about the fall, not when he hit the ground.
    I tried to grab him but I was too high and was only able to grab  his bag.
    He fell on some sticks which cracked so me and him both thought he broke his arm or something.
    For what seemed like 15 minutes we were freakin out. 
    In the end he was fine, he didnt break anything, his arm was just sore for 2 days.
    Sorry if this is baf formatting or whatever Im baked outta my mind and i just relived that scene. :smoking:  :bongin:  :hippie:
  3. Why the duck where you ripping in a tree lmfao
    Dude that's funny as hell!  Getting high on tree while high in a tree... I like your style!  :smoke:
  5. Once in high school I was smoking a couple bowls with a friend and I started feeling a little wierd, but I kept going anyways and figured it was because I hadn't smoked in a few days. I went to class, and half an hour later I was walking through the bathroom door to throw up. I came back to class, left, puked again, came back, and so on... Anyways after about the 4th time I just stopped coming back to class.
  6. When I was in high school senior year, it was essentially just a big smoke party, everyone smoked and everyone knew everyone smoked, but if you didn't have a car permit (not many did) you had to park across the road in a shopping plaza near this rundown business (this was also illegal, many of us got ticketed).

    Well one day, I rode into school and smoked a joint on the way there. I was fucking stupid stoned when I pulled into the lot. I parked my car and continued to walk out the lot to the road.
    Right when I got to the exit of the parking lot, these kids pulled in and recognized me.  They were all "Hey Lodi Dodi, we got a blunt rolled up for after school, want to burn run now?"
    We had like 20 minutes before we had to be in class, but we burn ran and fucking smashed this blunt.  I was DESTROYED.  I saw my buddy by my locker and he was all "You got a little something on your lips bro" and i had resin from the blunt on them :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
    That is one time I remember specifically, but a lot of the times I smoked before school, it was borderline, "I smoked too much."
    Luckily I had typing first period, and I'm a fast typer.
  7. Welcome to my life!
  8. my friends and i shit in a construction site once. my best friend dropped a massive load right in front of a porta-potty, actually.
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    Haha I love doing this. I call it "getting high will being high". 
  10. There was a time i was at my buddies house in his camper and we had just picked up a 20 bag to celebrate since i knew i wouldn't be drug tested by my family for atleast a month so i said fuck it. First off we started with a waterfall rip, 2 actually. After that i was flying but not quite over the top. So my buddy looks at me and says "should we do another?" i questioned it for a second but then said "idk man idk, ahh fuck it!". After that i was headed straight for the moon. I got my 2d vision like i did the first time i smoked it was insane. Then we played geometry wars on xbox 360 and that was mind blowing :laughing: such a good night later he rolled me my first joint ever. Pretty memorable.

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