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The "I just had my testicles fondled by the TSA" thread.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Durchii, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Why don't you tell us how you really feel ;)
  2. I've been through airport security twice since the body scanners were in place and I didn't get body scanned. I just went through the metal detector. I even asked if they were doing the body scan and the guy said that they only do it at certain times of the day...as if terrorists attack more frequently during designated times?

    Also my friend flew out of Boston a few days ago and just went through a metal detector.
  3. I was just detained and questioned by the TSA thanks to some callous, bitter ticketing attendant. On some days, I love traveling so frequently... on others...

    This is exactly what happened:

    "How are you, sir?"

    "I'm okay, how are you? Hey, the Self Check-In machine didn't ask me to pay for my bag."

    "Oh, I'm sorry about that, we'll take care of it right now. Also, we have an earlier flight heading out at 11 instead of 1, would you like to go on stand-by for that for an additional fifty dollars?"

    "Fifty? No."

    She raised her voice and looked at me very sternly, saying, "Sir, I don't care for your attitude."

    I looked at this lady, kind of in a mild state of shock, laughed a little bit, waited for her to go back to what she was doing, turned to the guy next to me and very lightly said, "Friendly skies my ass. Jesus Christ." He laughed. She didn't.

    Two minutes later, waiting at the same ticketing counter, two gentlemen in the typical TSA garb are rapping me on the shoulder and asking me to come with them.

    Long story short, I calmly assured them (as well as a Colorado Springs Police Officer who usually patrols this airport) that I hadn't made a threat on the woman's life, that I just wanted to get my boarding pass and go through security like everybody else, and that no harm was intended by what I said. They let me go with a warning to watch what I say from here on out.

    Another day in paradise.


  4. That is so ridiculous.

    what do you do, that has you traveling so much... if you don't mind me askin'
  5. hahaha wow, that blows my mind. what a bitch.
    I think everyone that works for TSA is on a huge power trip right now

    I have the same question as the lady above, too :)
  6. Did anybody hear about the change's most of the major airlines want to impose? They want to get rid of the TSA and bring on private contractors BOOOOO FUCKING YAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH BITCHSSSSSS
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    All manner of things: Family, business, education, etc. I'm always one place or another.

    This trip is mostly family related, but I am going to be at a conference in Des Moines with my girlfriend over the weekend. We're driving there right after I land at O'Hare and grab some dinner.


    Edit: On the plus side, I just ran into my lab partner from the last Biology course I took who is shipping out to Afghanistan after flying to Ft. Benning from here for a week. I was walking down the hallway towards the coffee shop that I'm sitting in right now and we both froze for a second, stared at each other, and let out an almost mutual, "Holy shit!" So amazing.

  8. They should, but it would have to go through Congress, seeing as the TSA is answerable basically only to the president. They would literally have to vote them out of the airports.
  9. I hate this kind of shit. I get so mad about it i don't know what i would do in situations like these. I just have flashes in my mind of me stripping butt ass naked and being like "Everything Copacetic? Can i get on my flight now?":devious:
  10. I receved a more thorough pat-down last weekend by the event security at Heinz Field than I have by a TSA agent. I can't explain why but on my last six flights, I've breezed through TSA/CBP checkpoints without any hassle.

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